10 Exceptional Font Pairings for Websites

10 Exceptional Font Pairings for Websites

In this video about typography, I will check out a bunch of different combinations of typography for both headings and body text using the Style Editor in Squarespace using only Google Fonts and TypeKit fonts so you can always have access to these fonts whether you’re working with a Squarespace site, a WordPress site, or any CMS build that you’re working with. It’s helpful to have a baseline of fonts that you know just work together and using the techniques I explain in this video you’ll be able to either use the exact pairing that I show in this video, or have the tools to quickly and confidently pick out your own pairings. Hope you enjoy the video!

Use these ten different type pairings for beautiful type in your web projects whether you’re using Squarespace or not!

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Ten Font Pairings:

Montserrat + Proxima Nova

DIN Condensed (uppercase) + Adobe Garamond Pro

Scheme (uppercase) + Arno Pro

Bebas Neue + Lora

Playfair Display SC (bold, uppercase) + Playfair Display

Lust Script + Helvetica Neue

Merriweather (bold, uppercase) + Merriweather

Ambroise Std (bold, uppercase) + Alegreya Sans

Helvetica Neue (bold, uppercase) + Adobe Garamond Pro

Droid Sans (bold, uppercase) + Droid Serif

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