Quickly Learn Dodging & Burning – Photoshop CC

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As a photographer and as a digital artist dodging and burning is an essential skill to master. This quick tutorial will dive into getting started with dodging and burning in Photoshop using one of my favorite methods for non-destructive dodging and burning which can be used on a photograph, smart object, or any piece of artwork in Photoshop. There are a number of great ways to dodge and burn with Photoshop and I will have additional methods that I use available as tutorials at some point as well. Join me and let’s learn something new!

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QUICK Photoshop CS6 Tutorial: Misty Mosaic Effect

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In this quick little tutorial we’ll use a few tricks in Photoshop to create a really cool looking misty mosaic effect. Using almost any kind of grunge texture brush and a filter here and a blend mode there, we’ll be able to create a very editable and very cool looking color style that could be used in any web and graphic design. Check it out after the jump!

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Photoshop Tutorial (2014): How to use the Pen Tool

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The almighty and powerful pen tool is a tricky tool to figure out when using Photoshop and can be frustrating as well, but when you do conquer the pen tool you will have one of the more useful and powerful tools at your fingertips. In this tutorial we will start from the very basics of using the pen tool and advance through a number of the features of this amazing and powerful tool option in Photoshop. Sit tight and enjoy!


Create a Hipster Logo – Photoshop Tutorial

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How did the hipster burn his lips? He ate the pizza before it was cool. Why did the hipster put on a sweater while it was still warm? Because he wanted to wear a sweater before it was cool. Alright, we get it, hipster jokes can be fun, but really, who doesn’t love the wonderful world of textures, old-world typography made cool again, textures, faded photography, and colored jeans that has seemed to be continually enveloped in the Hipster culture. We’re going to take to Photoshop and create this variation of a hipster style logo/American Eagle t-shirt design which should get you excited and definitely looks pretty cool too. We’re going to use a modified type face in Photoshop and some texture brushes, skewing, colors, masking, and more to create a cool little design. Keep in mind, if a pixel falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, a hipster will buy it on vinyl. Design responsibly.


Shattered & Broken Text Effect – Photoshop Tutorial

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Follow this simple and fast tutorial to learn an amazing way to create vector type in Photoshop with a beautiful and highly editable shattered text effect. We’ll run over creating shapes from type layers, converting complex selections into paths, working with a mask and custom brushes, and a whole lot more. Jump in and check it out


What is Responsive Web Design?

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Responsive web design or “RWD” is a newer method of building a website which aims to deliver a website that is automatically tailored to the device and environment of the user who is accessing your website. Just as your needs for web browsing are different when browsing on a desktop in the comfort of your home/office compared with an iPhone while rushing through a busy airport, your website can also change to deliver a different experience depending on whether you’re at home, on the go, on a large screen device, or a small smartphone. Responsive web design is great and responsive web design is the answer.

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