Learn to Mask in 2 Minutes – Photoshop Tutorial

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Masking is the granddaddy of skills in Photoshop. Master masking and you’re well on your way to conquering Photoshop. In graphic and web design as well as photograph retouching, masking is the fastest and easiest way to erase layers without actually erasing them. This allows you to fine tune your adjustments and graphics down to the pixel without worrying about erasing or having to undo a thousand times. Check out this “Photoshop in 90 seconds” tutorial to learn how you can start masking today.


20 Amazing Photoshop Web Design Tutorials

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When I first crack open a fresh project and begin the design process I always turn to Photoshop to begin creating comps and website layout ideas for the project at hand. Photoshop is a monster for building website layouts and graphics for use on the web. Here I have attempted to bring together some of the very best from around the web for your viewing and learning pleasure. This list will include everything from designing website layouts to building simple UI elements.If it’s not a high quality tutorial about something beautiful, it didn’t make the list!



Retouch a Moody and Cinematic Portrait with Photoshop

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A great retouched image begins with a beautiful photograph. We’re going to take a reasonable photo that I shot in late 2013 on a rainy day in Philadelphia and use Photoshop to do some simple retouching and color toning to this image. We’re going to explore things like skin and eye retouching as well as effectively using Adjustment Layers to color grade and create a very cool looking picture.


15 of My Favorite Photoshop Features

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What’s better than a sweet list of cool tips and tricks? A list of tips and tricks about Photoshop! Here goes, I’ve compiled some of my absolute favorite features and things in Photoshop with a quick bit of information about why I love that feature and how you can use them a little more effectively.

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Speeding Up Frontend Development Workflows With SASS

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Everyone knows that CSS can be bloated and time consuming to work with at times. With websites getting more and more complex with things like responsive design, CSS3 and having to code for different devices and device widths (responsive design), our stylesheets are getting larger and more complex. Luckily the SASS Language was created to bring the beauty back into creating stylesheets.


25 Amazing Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

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We all know it and some of us even love it, Adobe Illustrator and its vector might renders bitmap graphics dead the world around. Adobe Illustrator is of course known for its wonderful drawing and path-making tools, however it can often be tough to find fun and genuinely informative tutorial online. This article is a step toward pointing you in the direction of some fantastic Illustrator tutorials that are modern, beautiful, and useful. Dig in and have fun!

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