Free Lightroom Presets Based on Famous/Influential Photos – Import/Export Presets Lightroom Tutorial

HOW TO CREATE, IMPORT, AND EXPORT LIGHTROOM PRESETS! | Learn how to create a customizable preset in this tutorial!

Tutorial Overview

In this Lightroom tutorial, we’ll talk about how I like to approach creating presets in Lightroom to give the person using the preset plenty of options when it comes to them being able to edit the photo a little bit more. We’ll cover using Curves and the color channels in Curves as well as the HSL sliders and even touch on the Camera Calibration panel in Lightroom. Lastly, we’ll cover how to quickly import new preset(s) into Lightroom and how to export a single preset, or export an entire folder of presets to share online or with your other computers. Thanks for checking out this video!

Presets Preview

Check out a before and after of each of the presets in this pack to see what they do. Scroll to the bottom to see all ten presets applied to the same photo.

01.) 38th Parallel

  • Before-38th Parallel
    After-38th Parallel
    Before38th ParallelAfter


02.) Tank Man

  • Before-Tank Man
    After-Tank Man
    BeforeTank ManAfter


03.) The Woman

  • Before-The Woman
    After-The Woman
    BeforeThe WomanAfter


04.) Iwo Jima

  • Before-Iwo Jima
    After-Iwo Jima
    BeforeIwo JimaAfter


05.) Molotov Man

  • Before-Molotov Man
    After-Molotov Man
    BeforeMolotov ManAfter


06.) Film Cowboy

  • Before-Film Cowboy
    After-Film Cowboy
    BeforeFilm CowboyAfter


07.) Purple Pillars of Creation

  • Before-Purple Pillars
    After-Purple Pillars
    BeforePurple PillarsAfter


08.) Congo Gorilla

  • Before-Congo Gorilla
    After-Congo Gorilla
    BeforeCongo GorillaAfter


09.) American Civil War

  • Before-American Civil War
    After-American Civil War
    BeforeAmerican Civil WarAfter


10.) Ray Charles

  • Before-Ray Charles
    After-Ray Charles
    BeforeRay CharlesAfter


Check out all the presets applied to the same image to get an idea of how they work with any given image.



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