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All About Links & Linking in Dreamweaver CS6

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The web we know and love is an intricate system of links. We need to learn how to link and linking may be one of the most important aspects of your website’s design. Dreamweaver makes it a breeze to create links, but we’re not only going to cover the boring ole’ link in this tutorial, we’re going to dig a little deeper and explore some creative uses of linking. Sending an email with a link, linking to parts of a web page, downloading files, and more!


Textures & Patterns in Web Design – Photoshop CS6

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Effectively using beautiful textures when designing a website adds an amazing level of depth to your finished website. Let’s jump in and have fun learning about using existing textures to create fresh and beautiful textures for use in our designs! We’re going to cover a wide variety of great ways to create an amazing amount of depth and subtle distinction for any website or graphics project!


Create a New Site (Local Root) – Dreamweaver CS6 Tutorial

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Defining a site in Dreamweaver creates the go-to folder for your website when working with Dreamweaver, in fact it is the very first thing you will want to do when creating a new project within Dreamweaver. It gives you organization within Dreamweaver and really allows you to take advantage of the powerful site management tools of Dreamweaver CS6. It’s really a breeze to setup a Site in Dreamweaver. Let’s begin!


20 Amazing Free Font Pairings

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Often finding that perfect combination of killer fonts for your next project can be time consuming and frustrating. I’ve paired up some of my favorite font combinations, featuring some of my favorite typefaces.


April 11th Weekly Inspiration: Articles, Artwork, and Tutorials

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Curves, Curves, Curves! – Photoshop CS6 Tutorial

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The Curves Image Adjustment is one of the single most powerful options available to you in Photoshop and it’s been around forever. Curves is the feature that many pros use for nearly all light and contrast adjustments. I use Curves on virtually every image I pass through Photoshop and can hardly think of a time when I wouldn’t use Curves while retouching. Let’s jump in and have some fun with Curves.