We, Geeks Podcast Ep. 9 – Snapseed 2.0, Apple Watch, and 4k Camera Drones

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Apple’s iWatch went for sale at midnight!

Apple’s iWatch went for sale at midnight
Not much to say here! Just that Apple dropped the much anticipated iWatch at midnight, April 10th, 2015… well they really just opened the shopping carts for pre-order. You need to wait until the end of April for one to actually arrive. Did you buy one? I think one of either me or Howard did. Listen to see if we talk much about the purchase.

LensBaby Velvet

LensBaby Velvet
Lensbaby has introduced the Velvet 56, a portrait lens with an f/1.6 aperture and 1:2 magnification, as well as a minimum focus distance of 5 inches. Lensbaby claims the lens produces ‘soft, glowing’ effects at brighter apertures for a ‘velvety’ quality the lens is named for. Check this thing out and let us know if you’d ever use it.

New Canon C300 II & XC10 4k Cameras

New Canon C300 II & XC10 4k Cameras
Canon’s got a couple of new 4k capable cameras that they’re showing off to the world. A new C300 Mk II to fortify the already boastfully impressive C100, C300, and C500 series of cinematic cameras that Canon already offers. The C300 Mk II looks to cost about $16,000. They have also unveiled a very small 4k camera called the XC10 which comes in at a price tag of about $2,499 meaning it will probably find it’s way into the hands of lots of YouTubers very quickly upon release. It does not have the amazing bit depth to give that really cinematic look that the C-series would have, but it also comes at less than a quarter of the price. You can pre-order either camera on B&H Photo or check out more in the article here.

New DJI Phantom 3

New DJI Phantom 3
DJI has announced the next child in the “Phantom” drone series, this one being the Phantom 3. These birds have the camera built right on and they have a nifty little three-axis stabilization system to ensure perfect and smooth video out of the box. You can purchase the “Advanced” model which has red stripes and allows you to shoot up to 1080p or you can get the (Professional) model which captures full, lovely ultra HD (4k). You can also captures stills. I’ll be excited to see what other differences you have between the Advanced and Professional levels of these drones. Check out the full write here.

Snapseed 2.0

Snapseed 2
One of my more exciting things to see this week was that Google released a much-needed update to Snapseed, the first one in about two years! The app is beautiful and has lots of new and powerful features. You can check out all my thoughts and a full review and tutorial on how to use Snapseed for best results right over here.

Or you can check out this article, or this article from the Verge, or this article from Android Central.

Lynda.com BOUGHT by LinkedIn

Lynda.com BOUGHT by LinkedIn
Lynda.com was one of the first places that I ever learned some of the more technical aspects of Photoshop and they always seem to have that one video on that one strange thing you’re trying to figure out in Photoshop. I’ve recommended a ton of people to sign up for them over the years and on April 9th, LinkedIn announced that they had acquired Lynda.com for a whopping $1.5 billion!!! LinkedIn also appears to promise that “most” Lynda.com employees will keep their jobs. It appears that LinkedIn is going to try to bridge the gap between job skills and actually finding a job. This should be an exciting evolution to watch over the coming months and years. Read all about it here.

You can also check out the official release by Linkedin here.

Did You Win?

Listen in to see if you won this week’s $25 iTunes gift card! Leave a question or tweet me @tutvid or use the #WeGeeks hashtag to leave a question on Twitter for your chance to win!

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