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DJ Sparks Outcry from Photographers After Shooting and Sharing Wedding Photos


This is a controversy between photographer, Carly Fuller and DJ Ken Rochon who worked a wedding together during which time Rochon used his DSLR to photograph portions of the wedding. Fuller, the photographer was further shocked the next morning when she saw that Rochon had posted a gallery of about 25 images from the wedding.

Fuller emailed Rochon asking him to remove the gallery of images because she had been hired as the sole photographer of the event which was agreed upon in the wedding photography contract that the client had signed.

Fuller has added that she has photos of the DJ with very professional looking gear (there a 70-200mm shown in a couple of her photos) and that “Each of us has a right to do our job and deliver the quality our clients expect. We have a right to be able to perform our duties without another professional interfering with the process. Another vendor’s marketing needs do not supersede those rights.”

Rochon said that he did shoot photos at the event, but it does not look like he will take the gallery down. He also says that he shared 232 photos that he had taken from his DJ booth as a gift to the couple.

Rochon responded by pointing out “Why is it only the photographer that can market the event? Pretty much the only way you can market on social media these days is photography,” he tells PetaPixel “Everyone has cameras at events these days. I have every right to capture that love.” Rochon also went on to say “I wasn’t trying to give photos to discount the work of the photographer. I was simply marketing my company and giving my vantage point as a gift to the couple,”

As news of the controversy got out, photographers swarmed to the DJ’s facebook page and left a series of angry comments and generally did not seem very happy about the situation. You can read the full story over at PetaPixel.

PetaPixel Bullies Teen off YouTube

A 15 year old tech blogger was bullied and harassed off YouTube after PetaPixel released an article shaming him for attaching his lens incorrectly to his camera body. The article, itself, wasn’t over the top, but it led viewers right to his YouTube video, where photographers didn’t hold back from voicing their opinions. The comments were so negative that the creator ended up closing his YouTube account. PetaPixel could have taken this as an opportunity to educate the community on the ‘right’ way to attach a lens, but instead they treated it as a witch hunt.

Drone Pilot Accused of Being a Pedophile, Handles it Like a Pro


A Detroit, Michigan man posted a video on YouTube which got lots of attention over the past few days of a confrontation he had with a concerned parent at a girl’s soccer practice which he had been flying a drone above. The parent was vaguely accusing him of being a pedophile. It turns out that he actually wasn’t flying over the girl’s practice, he was in a separate field beside the soccer practice and he has the full GPS log of the drone’s flight to back up that he never got his drone near-much less above-the girl’s soccer practice. It’s interesting to note that if he had simply been a guy on the sideline with a DSLR and monopod, most would have probably assumed he was another dad and never said a thing. This seems to be a strange case of “drone-paranoia”. Listen in to see what Howard and Nathaniel think about this issue.

Running a 10K Mud Obstacle Race with a Nikon DSLR in Hand


This is pretty incredible. Photographer Raymesh Cintron recently ran the Titans Race 10K through the dirt, dust, and MUD with a completely unprotected Nikon D750 and a Tamron 24-70mm. This Nikon and Tamron lens both took an absolute beating and got covered with dirty water, mud, and just about everything you would run into on a mud run! He got some pretty cool photos from the run. You can check it all out here.

Houston Man Dies After Accidental Gun Shot While Posing For Selfie


A 19 year-old Houston man is dead after attempting to pose while pressing a gun to his head while taking a selfie. The gun discharged and the man shot himself in the throat and later died. He has two young children and was preparing to begin college in a few days. His family says that “he found the gun”, where exactly he found it is currently being checked out by the police. Read the full story.

Sony’s Xperia Z5 Premium Phone: First 4K Display and Fastest Autofocus


We’ve got a 4k display in a phone. The new Sony Xperia Z5 phone boasts a 23mp sensor, f2 aperture, incredibly fast autofocus, and of course a 4k display. The appearance of the phone is a little clunky, but it has a very narrow bezel and the actual display looks pretty amazing. Is there a point to 4k resolution on a device this size? Will you see a big upgrade over a standard 1080p? Maybe as a device that outputs a signal to a 4k flat screen via Chromecast? Interesting phone and set of options nonetheless. Check it out here! 

Tokyo Olympics Logo Plagiarized & Ditched


Japan’s Olympic committee has gotten rid of the logo for the 2020 Olympics after people began to realize that it looked an awful lot like a logo that Belgian designer, Olivier Debie says he created for Theatre De Liege. Japan’s Olympic committee stood behind the logo until it was made clear that the Olympic logo designer, Kenjiro Sano had indeed been copying graphics that he and his firm had found online. No word on where the new logo will come from or what it looks like. See the full story here.

Google and Verizon Logo Redesign


Uh-oh! Google and Verizon have both redesigned their logos. Are they better  or worse?

The Star Wars Droid Bot

Photo Credit: Android Police

Star Wars fans rejoice! There is a remotely controlled, mobile device connectable mini Star Wars robot that you can use and program and interact with your world around you. It also has a sweet little cradle that it sits in to charge up for a full day of use. Check out the video on Facebook right here. 

Paypal’s New Thing:


Paypal debuts a brand new way to accept payments called where you can reserve a username and attach it to your Paypal account and then simply direct people to your Paypal page to gather money or have them pay for a service you offer. It looks like it could be a great little addition to Paypal’s buffet of tools they offer to account holders. Check it out here.

Apple planning to bring 4K screen to 21.5-inch iMac in October


You get 4k! And you get 4k! And everyone gets 4k! The new Ultra HD 4k is officially THE thing for the consumer electronics market. Within 6 months everyone will know what 4k or Ultra HD is. Apple is gearing up for this expanding market with a rumored 4k display coming to their 21.5 inch iMac in October of 2015. Check it out right here!

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