We, Geeks Podcast Ep. 12 – The $85 Apple watch, Lightroom CC, and the Canon EOS M3 Camera


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Apparently the Apple watch only costs $85 to make

85 dollar Apple Watch In light of Howard receiving his shiny, brand new Apple watch, we talk about the report which has alleged that an Apple watch costs a mere $85 to make and Apple-as we know-is charging a bit more for them. We talk about the changing landscape of smart tech, “wearables”, and where we see the portable technology landscape headed. Do you like the idea of smart watches? What do you think they have to do to really catch on? (Or have they already caught on?)

Lightroom CC has been released!

Lightroom CC has been released! Speed has no substitute and speed kills. The lone “feature” upgrade that makes the newest version of Lightroom a version to upgrade to is the upgrade in the way it works with your computer’s memory. It’s much, much faster than any version I’ve ever used. It’s a bit more fun to edit with Lightroom now than it has ever been. We also talk about the facial recognition, the improved HDR functionality, and some of the ways we like to work with Lightroom. Check it out!

Canon’s latest mirrorless camera has been released

Canon’s latest mirrorless camera has been released Canon has unveiled the EOS M3 which is the latest in their much-maligned series of mirrorless cameras. With the lack of success that Canon has had with their mirrorless cameras, they really needed a camera to blow people away with and-according to some of the reviews online-this camera does not seem to do that. It does appear to be a bit better, but leaves much to be desired. I believe I would leave my beloved Canon and buy a Sony a-series or one of the smaller (more comparable to Canon’s M-series) Sony mirrorless cameras. Canon does not appear to have released this camera in the US quite yet, only Europe and Asia will get there hands on it. I’ll look forward to more in-depth reviews of where Canon is taking this camera system.

Tesla’s amazing new home battery system just debuted. The Tesla Powerwall

Tesla’s amazing new home battery system just debuted. The Tesla Powerwall Tesla’s Elon Musk introduced a line of batteries designed beautifully and designed for the home to store power in the event of a power outage or to conserve energy during the peak hours of usage. You can link these batteries to a home solar panel system and even connect multiple batteries together. Learn more about it here. Would you pay $3,500 for this? Maybe someday?

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