We, Geeks Podcast Ep. 10 – Hillary Clinton’s Logo, The Canon 5D MK IV, and iPhone Cameras

We, Geeks Podcast Ep. 10 – Hillary Clinton’s Logo, The Canon 5D MK IV, and iPhone Cameras

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Photographer, meet Lion

Photographer vs Lion
This photograph was snapped by Atif Saeed (Facebook, Flickr) at a safari zoo park near Lahore. He got out of his jeep to take the photo, but the sound of the lens’s whizzing caught the lion’s attention. Saeed figures the big cat got as close as 10 feet, before he was able to reach the safety of his jeep.

Once safely inside his vehicle, Saeed started to laugh about what had happened. But after some retrospection he came to realize just how close he came to death — and vowed to never do anything quite as reckless again. Read all about it here.

Photographer Shaves Off Half His Beard for a Series of Surreal Self-Portraits

Half Beard Self Portrait
Have you ever thought about fun and creative things to do with all that extra time you have? Maybe you have been wondering what to do with your facial hair? Well this Sao Paulo based photographer, Adriano Alarcon decided to turn his beard into a self portrait series project which he has called “Fifty Fifty Selfie Barber Shop”. He shaved half of his beard and pasted on all kinds of things to “complete” his beard. Check it out and see for yourself. Would you ever do something like that?

Apple Acquires LinX, A Camera Maker That Promises DSLR Performance in Phones

Apple buys LinX camera company
The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple acquired a camera technology company called LinX Computational Imaging Ltd. for approximately $20 million. LinX is a small company that appears to specialize in smartphone camera technology. This would seem to spell the future being bright for Apple smartphone cameras, arguably one of the more heavily used features in any iPhone. What kind of features would you like to see in the next iPhone camera? Check it out here.

Moments // New York City

Moments - New York City
An amazing series of shots from the RED Epic Dragon in this film of street life in New York City by cinematographers, Tim Sessler and Cameron Michael showcase a gritty and eerie side of New York City. The frames shot for this film almost appear to be moving still images and all in glorious black and white. This is a must watch.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign logo

Hillary Clinton Campaign Logo
Why, Hillary? Why? Have you seen her newest logo? It’s terrible. Listen in to hear just how bad one of us thinks it is.

The Canon 5D MK IV

Canon 5D Mark IV
With the recent announcement and release of the Canon 5Ds and 5Dsr, we’ve been awaiting a 5D MK IV announcement. Still no real announcement, but we do have rumors and the MK IV looks like it’ll be a dandy. It’s also interesting to note that Canon seems to want 4k video cameras to record to CFast cards (instance the C300 MK II and the XC10 4k Camera). Much like the new URSA Mini from BlackMagic which is a 4.6k camera and also shoots to CFast. The time is coming when CFast makes Compact Flash cards obsolete. Here is some of what we know so far:

18mp Full Frame CMOS
ISO 100-204,800
61 AF Points (all cross-type)
Dual CFast
4K Video Capture

Listen to Howard and I talk about what we think about CFast cards (and their hefty price tag), the 18 megapixel capability, and the 4k video built in.

Potential for 28mp vs 18mp?

Canon Rumor Article


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