Zooming Out Effect IN DEPTH Premiere Pro Tutorial


LEARN EVERY ASPECT OF THE ZOOMING OUT EFFECT IN PREMIERE! | Learn to create a zooming out effect with a variety of effects and adjustment layers in Premiere and we will also cover how to re-adjust and align the video clips as they zoom out and also clone away bits of the frame that are distracting.

Tutorial Outline

In this Premiere Pro Video Editing tutorial, we’ll take a look at the good ole zooming out effect and just how easy or complicated it can be. The effect is really something that you can create in a matter of minutes and even copy to many other transitions in your video editing project, but in this tutorial we’ll dive deep into what makes this effect work, how you can tweak it to get the best zoom for your project, what kind of video footage works best for this effect, how to clone away bad areas of the zooming frame, and even align and animate the video transition to give the zooming out effect a perfectly lined up illusion. It’s a bit of info to consume, but I’m confident you’ll learn a ton and have a bunch of fun trying to make this effect!

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