Walk By Swipe Transition Effect Premiere Pro Tutorial

Check out this simple walk by swipe transition effect that can be done purely in camera, or with a combination of camera movement and masking effects in Premiere Pro! Learn how to work with simple timeline animations and effects in Premiere in this tutorial.

Tags: Adobe Premiere Pro, Premiere Pro Tutorial, Video Editing, Video Transitions, Create a walk by transition, walk by transition effect, camera slide transition 

Recording notes:

This tutorial features the Creator 15 laptop by MSI which was sent to me by MSI with the understanding that I would create some videos showcasing the computer. You can check out this laptop here!

Use a slider to shoot B-roll of the laptop which will be featured in the walk by transition.

Shoot the project in 4K on the 5D MK IV.

Use Premiere Pro on the laptop to assemble the clips for the walk by transition and color grade with Lumetri and show how smoothly the MSI machine handles the stress of the transitions and adjustment layers as they interact with 4K video in Premiere Pro.

With the effect complete, do a quick export and show how the laptop exports the video and handles that.

Trim both clips to where the frame is full black and show how this alone can be a transition, but it’s really slow depending on how fast you moved the camera in or out to make the transition happen.

Green matte color layer under the video so I can see when we get transparent.

Find where the blocking object comes into the frame of the scene you’re leaving and mark the clip there. Drag a crop effect onto this and tween a crop at 125 feather across until the blocking object is off-screen.

Drag the second scene underneath it and match up the timing, etc…

If there is time, nest and chop it up to speed ramp a little. Do the little thing where you blur/stretch the sped-up footage as well if you fancy.

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