How to Record and Sync Sound & Audio in Premiere Pro


You can sync your audio and video automatically or manually in Premiere Pro. We’ll cover both techniques in this video tutorial using Premiere Pro CC 2017. It only takes minutes and there’s no reason not to know how to do this! Check it out now!

Shooting the Footage and Capturing the Audio


When you capture your video and you’re capturing audio to a higher quality source that is not connected to the camera, you want to make sure that you are capturing audio with the onboard microphone on the camera and use clapsticks to create a peak in the audio that will be easy to identify. TIP: Simply clap if you don’t have clapsticks. Also, be quiet for a second on either side of making your audio peak to make it even easier to find in post production.

Manually Sync the Sound With the Video


Once you drag your files into Premiere Pro, you can drag them onto your timeline and simply find the peak in the audio and drag the higher quality audio (audio not connected to the video track) around until the peaks line up. TIP: Use the hotkey Cmd/Ctrl + left/right arrow keys to nudge the audio clip left or right to get things lined up just perfectly.

Use Premiere to Automatically Sync Audio with Video


You can also select the audio and video clips in the project files bin by Cmd/Ctrl + clicking on both files and right-click and choose “Merge Clips.” In the merge clips dialog that appears, give the new video clip to be created a name and then choose the “Audio” option to allow Premiere to look at the audio waveforms of both soundtracks and line them up perfectly for you. You can also choose to get rid of the audio associated with the video track to get it out of the way by checking off that option in the dialog box. It’s so fast and easy, you should definitely give this one a go and see if it works with your project. If not, go ahead and manually line things up and you’ll be good to go! Check out the full video at up at the top and see exactly how I did this.

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