Multicam Editing in Premiere Pro CC Tutorial


How to use Multicam editing in Premiere Pro and edit multiple camera scenes and interviews much faster! Creating a Multicam sequence is pretty easy and in this tutorial, I’ll cover setting your cameras to capture audio that Premiere Pro can intelligently (and almost automatically!) sync up in seconds! We’ll cover using basic multicam functionality and we’ll talk about hotkeys and working with this feature fast! Cleaning up transitions, making your video flow smoothly, perfectly, and right on time. It’s Multicam editing in Premiere Pro! If you haven’t been using it, you’re missing out big time!!

Shooting the Video


When you set up your cameras and audio gear to shoot a video that will have multiple camera shots for one scene (like an interview with multiple angles) you want to set your cameras and be sure to record audio on each camera. You can record audio into a professional recorder, but for the case of this tutorial, it will be best to have your high-quality audio source feeding directly into your main camera. NOTE: Video clips can be different lengths. Not every clip needs to be the exact same time for this to work.

Create a Multicam Sequence (How to Sync Audio in Premiere Pro)

Once you’ve shot your video, drag it into Premiere Pro and select all of the clips you wish to sync together by selecting them in the project bin. Right-click and choose Create Multi-Camera Source Sequence… From the resulting dialog box, we want to choose the “Audio” option under the Synchronize Point section and “Camera 1” as our constant audio source in the “Sequence Settings” drop down in the Audio section and then hit “OK”. Check out the video where I explain in greater detail what is happening right here.

Editing the Cameras/Shots


Once you have your multicam sequence in the project bin, right-click on it and choose “New Sequence from Clip” or simply drag the sequence onto an existing timeline to being work. Hit the hotkey Shift + 0 to open the Multi-Camera editing viewer. You will see each of your video tracks listed on the left and the composite example of the finished video displayed on the right. Play through your video and simply click on the camera you wish to cut to as the video is playing at any given area and your cut will automatically be made. NOTE: Cuts don’t show up on the timeline until after you stop playing the video clip.

Tweaking the Edits


Once you make your rough edit, you’ll probably need to adjust the exact point where you made your cuts. This is a piece of cake with the Rolling Edit Tool (N). It’s the double-stack, double-sided arrow tool in the vertical toolbar. Use this tool and simply click and drag cuts left or right to adjust where exactly the cut will take place.

Replacing Clips/Cutting to a Different Camera


Other than adjusting exactly where your cuts will take place, you can select and replace clips in between your cuts with a different camera angle. To replace any clip in the multicam sequence, simply click on that little cut clip and click on the camera angle you wish to swap with. To apply a cut in this clip, all you need to do is hold down Cmd/Ctrl + click on the camera to which you wish to cut. Be sure to watch the full video above for all the details and more!!

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