Map Zoom to Sky Effect – Fake Drone Video Transition Effect – Premiere Pro Tutorial


FAKE DRONE GTA STYLE ZOOMING TRANSITION! | Check out the simple process to create this cool effect to make it look like you’re zooming around town in your video! | BONUS TIP! Check out the 5th Jitter method in this video to create the camera movement from the overhead/drone shot like I did in the example clip I show!

In this video editing Premiere Pro tutorial, we will take a look at creating a fake drone zoom in/out transition effect that is much like the GTA map zoom out effect. We will use a couple adjustment layers, a screenshot from Google Maps or Google Earth and a couple transformation effects in Premiere Pro to create a very cool zoom to outer space style effect that will make viewers feel like the camera is teleporting from place to place in your video! Thanks for watching!

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