How to Make an HBO Style Intro in Premiere Pro


HBO STYLE INTRO PREMIERE PRO TUTORIAL! | Create this two-part intro effect and make sure you download the resources from my website (or grab that individually from the links below)

In this Premiere Pro tutorial, we will create the iconic HBO intro/opening in a few minutes in Premiere Pro. This effect will work with any logo or graphic that you import into Premiere Pro. We will use a series of masks, drop shadows, bevels, keyframe animations, and SO much more to create this epic and classic intro effect. Check it out and thank you so much for watching!

Click here: Download HBO Intro Resources

Download the graphics, audio track, and static video here:
Free Font Download (DOWNLOAD LINK)
Static video source on YouTube. (DOWNLOAD LINK)

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Site Exclusive Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  1. Create the graphic/text frame that you want in Photoshop and export it with a transparent background as a PNG file.
    • TIP: For this effect, make sure you set the fill color of your graphic/logo/text to 50% gray so we can easily knock it away later if need be using a Soft Light Blend Mode, etc…
  2. Create new 2560×1440 sequence at 29.97fps
  3. Drag TV static out onto the timeline
  4. Create a Color Matter and name it “mask” and drag it out above the static and drag to make it as long as the static clip
  5. Move playhead to 00;00;02;00 seconds
  6. Uncheck “Uniform Scale” in Effect Controls panel for the Color Matte and set Scale Height to 5.0 and Scale Width to 0.0
  7. Add keyframe here for Scale Width and nudge down the timeline 4x frames
  8. Change Scale Width here to 125
  9. Add a keyframe for Scale Height here
  10. Move 10x frames down the timeline and set Scale Height to 125
  11. Move 5x frames further down the timeline and drag in your graphic that you want to use. I’m going to drag in the “TBO-logo-I” logo and drag it so it begins at this spot and runs to the end of the static clip
  12. Add a Perspective>Drop Shadow effect to this logo of white, 100%, 180º, 0.0distance, 250 softness
  13. Add a second drop shadow black, 100%, -45º, 10.0distance, 0.0 softness
  14. These drop shadows will knock this graphic off of it’s center, so readjust the Position of this graphic in Effect Controls to 1155 & 595
  15. Set the blend mode of the TBO-logo-I clip to the blend mode “Overlay”
  16. Go to the very beginning of the logo graphic clip and hold SHIFT and nudge 7x down the timeline to move 35 frames forward and animate the Opacity of this clip from 0% at the beginning of the clip to 100% at this point.
  17. Select these clips on the timeline and right-click and choose “Nest” and name the nested clip “1-phase”
  18. Next, we need to create the second phase of this effect.
  19. Create a Color Matte and set the fill to black. Name the layer “Background”
  20. Drag a copy of the static clip out again and place on the second video track.
  21. Drag the Color Matte out and place it on the track below the static clip and stretch to the duration length of the static clip
  22. Drag out the “TBO-logo-II” graphic and place this above the static and drag this clip to the same length as what we have here already
  23. Add a Track Matte Key to the static and mask it to the text graphic
  24. Add a Brightness/Contrast effect and set to B:70 and C:-30
  25. Add a Bevel Alpha to this graphic set to 5 edge, 135º angle, white color, 0.60 intensity
  26. Use the Pen Tool Mask to draw a mask over the TBO part of the graphic to limit the effect to just that part of the intro
  27. Add a Drop Shadow set to black, 100%, -30º, 15distance, 0softness
  28. Add a second Drop Shadow set to white, 45%opac, -45º angle, 2distance, 0softness
  29. Use the Pen Tool Mask to draw a mask over just the TBO part of the graphic to also limit this effect to just that part of the logo as well.
  30. Nest these tracks and name the nested clip “2-phase”
  31. Move playhead to 00;00;04;00 seconds and drag that 2-phase clip out at this point and set the opacity of this clip to 0% in Effect Controls and drop a keyframe at the very start of the clip to lock this in
  32. Move playhead 25frames (5x shift+right arrow key) down the timeline and set opacity to 100% to complete the animation
  33. Drag the “TBO-audio” onto the audio track and tweak the positioning if needed to get perfect alignment.

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