Make Better Videos w/ these AMAZING Premiere Pro Transitions


Make Better Videos w/ these AMAZING Premiere Pro Transitions

Description: LEARN TO CREATE 5 SIMPLE & BEAUTIFUL TRANSITION EFFECTS IN PREMIERE PRO! | We’ll talk about a simple zoom, a lens distortion bump, a splatter transition, a rolling panoramic transition, and a twisting, zooming transition effect in this tutorial!

In this Premiere Pro video editing tutorial, we will use a series of video clips and Adjustment Layers to build a few different effects that you will be able to easily use in your own video projects. We will save these transitions as presets so they take just a few seconds to use later on when you decide to add them to your own video editing projects.

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Site Exclusive Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.


  • True Zoom In Effect (+save the 3×3 preset)


      1. Get both 01 clips in place before recording segment
      2. Create an Adjustment Layer and drag out above the cut between both clips
      3. Trim the adjustment layer to the playhead at five frames before/after the cut
      4. Add transform effect to the adjustment layer and add a keyframe at the cut
      5. Set the Scale to 200% and set a keyframe
      6. Set 100% scale at beginning and 300% scale at end of adjustment layer
      7. Set shutter angle to 360º
      8. Use Razor to cut the first video clip at the beginning point of the adjustment layer and animate a Lens Distortion from 0 to -50
      9. Use Razor to cut the video clip at the end of the adjustment layer
      10. Add a Replicate 3x to this little clip after the cut
      11. Hide the adjustment layer track to show the effect
      12. Add 4x Mirror effects at:
        1. 1279/540 0º
        2. 640/718 90º
        3. 640/540 180º
        4. 640/360 270º
      13. Save these five effects as a preset called “3×3” for ease of use doing this later on
      14. Turn on adjustment layer, pre-render if needed and preview the effect


  • Lens Distortion Transition


      1. Set 02 clips in place before recording segment
      2. Bump playhead and make a cut five frames on either side of the cut
      3. Add Lens Distortions to each clip and animate 0 -> -100 and -100 -> 0 Ease both animations OUT
      4. Save both before and after Lens Distortions as effects names LensDistBefore && LensDistAfter (Set TYPE to “Scale”)


  • Center Zoom Wash/Splash


      1. Arrange clips so 03-II clip is above 03-I clip and overlapping 20frames at end of 03-I clip
      2. Add a transform to the top clip
      3. Set keyframe for Scale parameter at 15 frames into this 03-II clip (shift + right arrow 3x)
      4. Animate from 0% scale at beginning of clip
      5. Ease OUT and set shutter angle to 360º
      6. Set playhead to 5 frames after beginning of Scale animation
      7. Add a Turbulent Displace effect set to “Twist”
      8. 350 Amount, 2.0 Complexity, Set Pinning to “None”
      9. Animate “Amount” from 350 to 0 at the same point on timeline as scaling STOPS (10 frames down timeline)


  • Panoramic Rotation Transition


      1. Place both clips side by side on same track before recording segment
      2. Move ten frame to either side of the cut and make a new cut on each clip
      3. Apply LensDistBefore and LensDistAfter presets to each of these clips
      4. Drag out a new copy of the Adjustment Layer above these two small, chopped clips and drag to cover the full 20 frames of these two clips
      5. Add an Offset effect and nudge 2 frames in and drop keyframe for Shift Center To
      6. Move 15 frames down the timeline and change Y value of Shift Center To to 1620. Ease it OUT
      7. Drag a Directional Blur onto the Adjustment Layer
      8. Move back to first keyframe on the Offset effect, nudge 3x frames down the timeline, and drop a keyframe on the Blur Length parameter
      9. Nudge 3x frames more and drop another keyframe to hold the 75px Blur Length
      10. Drop keyframe near end of Adjustment Layer by resetting Blur Length parameter and drag this to the end of the Adjustment Layer


  • Twisting Transition


    1. Drag out 05 clips and trim them and adjust speed if needed to get them similar in speeds
    2. Cut clip 10 frames on either side of the original cut
    3. Drop 3×3 Preset onto the first cut clip
    4. Drop a Twirl effect on first clip and set Twirl Radius to 50
    5. Animate Angle from 0º to 90º and Ease OUT across whole clip
    6. Add a Lens Distortion and animate across whole clip from 0 to -70º & Ease OUT
    7. Select second cut clip and add Twirl effect
    8. Animate across whole clip -90º to 0
    9. NOTE: Only change Twirl Radius if needed
    10. Add Lens Distortion animate Curvature from -70 to 0 across clip
    11. Drag copy of Adjustment Layer above these two cut clips and stretch of trim it so it’s the same duration
    12. Add a Transform to this Adjustment Layer
    13. Set scale to 200% and drop Keyframe right above the cut in the middle
    14. Nudge 5 frames before and set Scale to 300% and 5 frames after middle cut and set Scale to 100%. Ease OUT
    15. Drag outer keyframes in the Adjustment Layer to the very edges of the Adjustment Layer
    16. Preview the effect to test.

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