Glitch Transition Effect in Premiere Pro w/ Glitch Preset Download!


In this Premiere Pro tutorial, we’ll create a custom glitch effect that can be used as a simple effect or a transition. We split the video out into it’s Red, Green, and Blue channels, and heap on a bunch of addition goodness to create a super cool and totally customizable glitch effect transition.


Duplicating the Video Track


After placing your video track on the video timeline grab the Razor tool and cut the video track where you’d want your glitch and hold down the Alt/Opt key and drag that piece of video upward to duplicate that bit of video up onto a new track and do that again and again so you have three new pieces of video stacked up in your video timeline.

Channel Mixers to Split R-G-B from Video

Open your Effects panel and go Video Effects>Color Correction>Channel Mixer and drag a Channel Mixer onto the top of these video tracks and look to the Effect Control panel and open the Channel Mixer and set the Green-Green and Blue-Blue from 100 to 0. Leave Red-Red at 100. This will give us a very red video track. Apply a Channel Mixer to each of the other two cut video tracks and set one to have only Green-Green set to 100 and the other to only have Blue-Blue set to 100. Select these videos tracks on-at-a-time and look for the Opacity section of the Effect Controls panel and set the Blend Mode of each of the three new video tracks to Screen.

Use the Wave Distortion & Mosaic

To customize each of these video tracks even more and add some automatic mixing elements we’ll use a couple more effects. Go Video Effects>Distort>Wave Warp and drag that effect onto each of the video clips that we put Channel Mixers on and change the Wave Type to Square and set the direction to “0” and the Height and Width of the Wave to something big, but mix it up for each video track. I started with 100 height and 250 width for my Red track and used similar sizes for each of the other tracks. I also added a Video Effects>Stylize>Mosaic and set the Horizontal and Vertical Blocks to around 100 each way. Again, keep this all mixed up for each of the video tracks to ensure that everything looks mixed up and as organic as possible. There is so much more that goes into this effect so make sure you check out the short video at the top of this post to see exactly how to make it and how to use the presets you can download above as well!

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