Faded Bleached Wedding Style Effect Video Titles in Premiere Pro


In this Premiere Pro video editing tutorial, we’ll take a look at one of the quick and easy ways I like to lead-in some of the videos clips or parts of a wedding film that I may be working on. Maybe you’ll find it useful. We’ll cover using Lumetri Color to fade out a select portion of your video using the Curves option and then drop some transitions in place to fade the lesser colored video right into the beautiful, colored, and full contrast video. We’ll also look at actually creating the title with the text and I’ll share with you one of the font combinations that I tend to enjoy using for baby and wedding type applications and projects.


Edit the clip as you wish


I like to get my video all edited as I like and then I apply this effect to the beginning of the video once I know how everything will look.

Take the playhead to 10 seconds (length of the effect)


Drag the playhead out to the 10 second mark on your timeline. You can also click on the big timer to the top left of the timeline panel type in 00;00;10;00 and it will jump the playhead to the 10 second mark.

Cut just the video track


Grab the Razor tool (C) and click on the video track to split it right where you click. This first ten seconds is where we will be applying our color effect to be faded into the “normal” video.

Apply a Lumetri Color video effect


Open your Effects panel by going Window>Effects and open the Video Effects>Color Correction folders and drag the Lumetri Color effect out and drop it on this 10 second clip we just split.

Drag blacks up and whites down in Curves (reduce contrast)


Open the Effect Controls panel by going Window>Effect Controls. You will see “Lumetri Color” at the bottom of the list of the effects in this panel (make sure you have the ten second clip selected in the timeline.) Click the little arrow to the left of the word “Curves” to twirl down the Curves tool and drag the black point upward a little and the white point downward a little to kill off lots of contrast here.

Create a title


Go File>New>Title and you will add a title to your Project panel. Add a name to this title so you can identify it. In the panel that opens up we will create our actual title text or graphics.

Choosing a beautiful wedding font pairing (Parisienne & Nevis fonts)


The key behind a good looking title page is a great font pairing. In this case I’m using the combination of a font called “Parisienne” [ADD LINK] and also a san serif font called “Nevis”. [ADD LINK] Use these fonts and add the information you want to the title.

Align to the center of the title editor


I’m going to select each of the pieces of text here and use the Center tools on the left side of this panel to center these bits of text.

Adjust vertical spacing manually


Using the black arrow tool in this panel, you can use your arrow keys to nudge the text upward or downward to get your spacing just right. I don’t really do much measuring, I usually adjust to what looks good to the eye.

Place and stretch the title to length of faded video


Simply close that panel and the changes you made to your title will automatically be baked right in. Open your Project panel by going Window>Project and drag that new title out and onto the timeline above the video. Hover the mouse over the edge of the title and use the red cursor that appears to stretch the title to be as long as the cut portion of video that we split a few moments ago.

Add the video transitions for faded video and text title


At this point, it’s simply a matter of using the Video Transition>Crossfade transition from the Effects panel to fade in the text and drag one of these effects and drop it on the seam where the faded video runs right into the regular video to fade these two clips together. NOTE: Adding a crossfade to the beginning or end of a clip will fade that clip in or out.

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