How to Create a Light Leak Transition in Premiere Pro


In this Premiere Pro video editing tutorial, we will cover how to import and work with short light leak clips to create flashy and smooth light leak/lens flare transition effect in Premiere. You’ll learn a couple cool tricks about reversing a flare to get the perfect moment of transition as well as working with blend modes to get the perfect lens effect for any clip of video you may be using. Check it out and I hope you enjoy it!

Download the free light leaks here!

Place the Light Leaks on the Timeline

After you’ve downloaded the light leak video files, drag a few of them into Premiere and then choose the one you like and drag it out of the Project bin and onto the timeline right above where two clips run into each other. Scrub through the light leak video and find a short portion of it that you like and trim it down and reposition above the cut between two clips.

Setting the Blend Mode

Select the light leak video file on the timeline and look to the Effect Controls panel and under the Opacity settings choose to set the blend mode of this light leak to Screen. This will drop away all the black in the video clip and just leave us with a light leak overlay. Perfect!

Adjusting Speed and Position for the Perfect Transition

Once you have the leak in place, scrub the play head over the completed effect and right-click on the light leak clip and choose Speed/Duration to adjust the speed of the clip if you need it to be faster/slower and also use the regular selection tool to move the clip a few frames back and forth on your timeline to figure out where the effect looks best. TIP: This effect tends to look best when you can align a bright flash in the light leak with the exact moment that the clip switches over.

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