Create Call Out Titles with Animated Border in After Effects

Create Call Out Titles with Animated Border in After Effects

USE THIS TRICK IN AFTER EFFECTS TO AUTO-ANIMATE A STROKE! | In this video, we’ll break down and animate a call out title using some cool techniques.

In this After Effects tutorial, we will use text layers and shape layers to create a simple call out title. After we make the call out title, we’ll use the shape layer to layer on additional shapes with borders, offsets, and an effect called “Trim Path” to allow us to animate a stroke around our call out title. We will also use keyframe animation to lock down when and where this animation will begin and also do a little more animating and tweaking of the overall call out title to finish the effect up nicely.

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Site Exclusive Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  1. Add text “Human Anatomy” Futura, Medium, 45px filled with white color
  2. Position text near top left
  3. With no layer selected, you can use the tools in the toolbar at the top of the UI to create a new shape layer
  4. Create rectangle and drag it below text that is on the video
  5. Change the fill of that rectangle and use the eyedropper to sample a light blue off the wireframe in our video
  6. Lock the background video and select the text and rectangle and use the Align panel to align based on the selection
  7. Name the rectangle 1 in the Timeline panel “inner fill”
  8. Duplicate that shape on that shape layer by hitting Cmd/Ctrl + D
  9. Rename this shape “outer stroke” and use the path operators menu (silver arrow button) and choose to add a stroke to this copy of the shape.
  10. Set stroke to white and size of 5px
  11. Use that same menu and choose to add an Offset Paths and offset by 15
  12. Drag this outer stroke below the inner stroke and get rid of the fill for outer stroke to reveal the offset “floating” stroke effect
  13. Use Path Operators to add a Trim Path and play with settings to show how this works
  14. Animate the trim path and then add a quick animation to animate in the blue fill behind the text

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