How to Create an Animated ACTION Split Screen Transition Effect in Premiere Pro


You’re going to love learning how to create this cool action movie intro effect with ease! In this Premiere Pro tutorial, we’ll talk about creating a custom double swipe transition that would typically be used in the intro or transition scenes in an action based film or TV show. We’ll cover working with multiple animated masks and linear wipes to create a custom angled transition that will uncover video one part at a time.

Placing the Video


To add this transition we want to drag a piece of video into our timeline and place it on a video track above the currently viewed video.

Adding a Linear Wipe


The primary effect we’ll be working with can be found in the Effects panel under Video Effects>Transition>Linear Wipe. You can drag this onto the video clip on top to play with the effect. Open the Effect Controls panel to set the completion of the transition and use the keyframing to build an animation which will allow the wipe to move from 100% completion to 0% and effectively create an unmasking wipe transition. You can also tweak the angle or feather of the edge of the wipe effect. It’s cool stuff! Check out the video above if you need help with the keyframing technique.

Creating the Half Mask


Over in our Project panel, hit the New Item icon and choose to create a new Title. When the title editor opens, grab the Rectangle tool and draw out a small rectangle. Select the shape and use the Transform options under Title Properties over to the right to set the size of the rectangle to 1920 x 540 (sometimes it can be helpful to set this to 542 to ensure perfect coverage) and the X of the rectangle to 960 and the Y to 270 (271 if your shape is 542 tall.) This will place a perfect shape that covers half of our video frame.

Nesting and Duplicating and Animating the Mask


We need to duplicate and animate this title that we just created to make the perfect sliding mask to uncover our video in two different swipe movements. Drag this title out to your timeline and place it right where you want the transition to begin and then select it, right-click, and choose Nest. Give the new sequence a name and jump into there. The goal is to duplicate this title, move it exactly where it needs to sit to cover the bottom half of the frame and then to use Linear Wipe + keyframes to animate a perfect double sliding unmasking transition effect. You’ve got to check out the video at the top of this article to see exactly how this all works. You’re going to love it!

Activating the Mask to Complete the Effect


With that nested sequence sitting on the video track above our video and positioned on the timeline where we want it, open your Effects panel and go Video Effects>Keying>Track Matte Key and drag that onto the video track. Open the Effect Controls panel and find the Track Matte Key in the list of effects applied to this clip. Select the Matte drop-down menu and set this to “Video 3” (or whatever video track that the nested sequence is living within.) This will complete the animated mask effect. Play your clip to test it and render it out to see the full effect. Make sure you watch the whole video above to get all the details and technique for building this cool transition effect!

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