How to Color Grade Video with Lumetri Color – Premiere Pro CC

How to Color Grade Video with Lumetri Color – Premiere Pro CC

Looking to make your video look better, sharpen, or generally more epic? In this Premiere Pro video editing tutorial, we’re going to dive in and learn all about the Lumetri Color panel in Premiere Pro CC and how to use the tools in Lumetri Color to edit your videos and make them look better and more like you wish them to appear. We’ll look at changing the color temperature of a video clip, adjusting contrast of your video, color LUTs, creative styles, split toning, using Curves to edit your color channels, the Hue Saturation Curve feature, the HSL Secondary feature, adding and editing a vignette, and much more to do with editing color and cinematic color grading. I hope you love the video and place drop a like if you enjoy it!

Getting Started with Lumetri Color


The feature that we’re going to talk about in this tutorial about color grading your video in Premiere Pro is called, Lumetri Color. It’s a newer feature of Premiere at the time of writing this tutorial and it has turned into quite a powerful toolset in a very short period of time. The easiest way to being the color correcting/color grading portion of your video workflow will be to go Window>Workspaces>Color and make sure you have the Lumetri Color panel open on the right side of your screen.

Basic Color Grading & Corrections


In Lumetri Color we have several panels that can drop down to reveal different tools. We’re going to start with the first panel “Basic Corrections.” Be sure to select a video clip that is on your timeline and use the sliders in this dialog to adjust the color temperature and tint and also use the toning sliders to adjust the exposure, contrast, saturation, and more to dial in your video clip(s). Check out the video to see exactly what I did for my video here.

Creative Color Grade Effects


The next panel is the Creative panel and we can load in creative LUTs that Premiere has supplied to us and we can also adjust some things like amount of fade that the video clip has and also some split toning options here that we can use to pump color into highlights and shadows as we see fit.

Using Curves and Color Channels in Premiere Pro


Next panel is called “Curves” in this panel we have a Curve line that we can click and add points and drag upward to lighten that part of the video or pull down to darken that part of the video (the closer to the left, the more you adjust the darker parts of your video, the further your point is to the right, the more you affect the brighter parts of your video.) You can also jump into any of the RGB color channels here and push or pull colors in and out of your video as you see fit. I’ve done some pretty detailed tutorials on how to use Curves in Photoshop and the Curves here works much in the same way. Check out my video to see me explain and work with this a little more.

How to Use the Hue Saturation Curve


Below the Curve graph is the Hue Saturation Curve. With this tool, you can click to drop points on the circular line and drag these point in or out to boost or reduce contrast of a specific color in your video. You can target the reds, pinks, blues, or multiple colors by clicking to add points and simply dragging in and out. Check out the video above at the 10:04 mark to see how I work with this in my video.

Check out the video for even more


There is SO much more! Make sure you check out the full video above to get even more detail and watch me run through these features in even more detail and do a complete color grade to two different styles of video so you can begin getting an idea of how to do your color grading in Premiere Pro CC. Thanks for checking it out! Please be sure to sign up to my newsletter so you never miss a weekly email from me!

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