5 Hidden Tips & Tricks in Premiere Pro CC

5 Hidden Tips & Tricks in Premiere Pro CC

Premiere Pro Tutorial: LEARN SOME COOL AND USEFUL TRICKS IN PREMIERE PRO! | Use the Smart Rendering trick I use in this tutorial to make your videos render 25x faster!

In this Premiere Pro tutorial, we’ll take a look at some cool stuff you can do with the interface in Premiere Pro, some snapping tricks for aligning text and graphics, changing the anchor point to completely change the animation, using the audio mixer to apply effects to an entire track, touch on the what, why, and how of submixes, setting default transitions, and the incredible power of Smart Rendering and you will see how much time this will save you if you can work it into your workflow. Thanks for watching!

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Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  1. Preview area to project bin and ability to choose the poster (USE BASS CLIPS B/C of black first frames(s))

Right-click on the Project bin tab and turn on the preview area (esp useful for people using list view in here)

You can set a new poster frame very easily

In fact you can set a new poster frame for any clip by hovering over the clip and moving to find the frame you like and right-click + choose “Set Poster Frame”

  1. Snap an anchor point to the edge by dragging while holding Cmd/Ctrl

Add text

Show animation from the side using the Scale within the transform of that text object

Select the transform point and hold Cmd/Ctrl and drag until it snaps into alignment

  1. Apply an effect to an entire track in the Audio Track Mixer panel

Have the music track cut up into a bunch of pieces on the track

Open the Audio Track Mixer panel

Add effects using the drop down

Double click effect to open dialog box

Particularly useful for something like Adaptive noise reduction that wants to restart it’s search for the background noise with every cut in the audio

Also, you can use Submixes to route multiple tracks into one “sub” track and then apply effects or corrections to that.

  1. Default Transitions + hotkeys

Cmd + D or Shift + D or (hotkey that applied both)

Show how to set a default transition in the Effect panel

  1. Smart Rendering

Render In to Out

Make sure preview sequence settings are as close to what you plan on exporting the video as–

Check on Use Previews when you export

MASSIVE time savings

Side tip: set a hotkey for Rendering In to Out and every time you get up to take a break, use the bathroom, etc… start pre rendering. Every little bit will help when you go to render

Also, if you pre render a large project and the client wants a clip swapped out, all the other rendering remains and Premiere will only have to re-render that section where you replaced the clip. Obviously a huge time saver.

— Drag out the drone hovering over the town shot and add adjustment layer and drag the “Lumetri-Grading-Examp” preset onto it and do this being rendered out stand alone vs. with Smart Rendering.

Be very clear that people should look into Smart Rendering and see what formats and codecs have support to see how much of it you can actually use.

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