3 AMAZING Ways to Create ROLLING Credits in Premiere Pro CC

3 AMAZING Ways to Create ROLLING Credits in Premiere Pro CC

CREDIT AWESOME CREDITS THREE DIFFERENT WAYS IN THIS PREMIERE PRO TUTORIAL! | We’ll take a look at the new Essential Graphics Panel, using Photoshop, and using the Text Tool to create a nice set of beautiful scrolling credits for your video.

In this Premiere Pro Video Editing tutorial, we will learn to create really nice looking scrolling credits for the end of your video project. Learn to use the Text tool in Premiere Pro and build a totally custom bit of credits, use Photoshop and export a PNG and animate that manually, and also how to use the default credits packages included with the new Essential Graphics panel in Premiere Pro CC. I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

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Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  1. Create a black Solid Color Matte and set it to 80% opacity or so.
  2. Open the Essential Graphics Panel and look at the credits packages that they have in there. Kind of limited, but what is there it pretty nice.
  3. Select multiple text layers and change the font all at once to get the look you want
  4. Turn on the roll option and choose to start and end off screen and then simply adjust the duration of the credits “clip” to adjust the speed at which the credits will fly by.
  5. Show how to take a Photoshop PNG and export with transparency and consider the width of the frame and then bring that in and animate it in Premiere.
  6. Place text using the text tool and adjust and build out multiple layers of text using the Essential Graphics panel and then deselect all the text to show the Roll feature in Essential Graphics again. Turn that on and adjust the duration of the text object on the timeline to get the scrolling speed down pat!

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