17 POWER Tips, Tricks, & HACKS for Premiere Pro CC

17 POWER Tips, Tricks, & HACKS for Premiere Pro CC

LEARN A TON OF GREAT TECHNIQUES AND TRICKS FOR EDITING BETTER AND FASTER IN PREMIERE PRO! | Learn more about managing files, editing, trimming, audio, transitions, and more in this widespread and deep Premiere Pro tutorial.

In this Premiere Pro tutorial, we’ll take a dive into a number of video editing features such as a full-screen edit preview, a quick text title, exporting while editing, trimming with hotkeys, quick ripple deleting, merging a cut clip together again, selecting multiple cuts and sliding clips, adding motion blur to animation, precise easing for better and smoother animation, adjustment layers, pasting or removing effects in bulk, and more! If you use Premiere, whether advanced or beginner users, you’ll probably pick up some tips or tricks in this video! Thanks for watching!

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Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  1. Simple Text Title: White Color Matte + Black Text + Center Align Text + Align to middle of frame
  2. Up/Down Arrow Keys to get to ends of clips ON TARGETED TRACK(S)
  3. Set In/Out Point and add Loop button and loop clip within In/Out points. Clear in/out points with Alt/Opt + X
  4. Shift + K to “Play Around” (jump back a few frames and play from there.) TIP: Set Pre and Post Roll times in Preferences>Playback. Use this when you’re testing exactly how a cut comes together instead of dragging the playhead back and playing that way, save the process and hit Shift + K instead.
  5. Preview your video in full screen as you go/(~) to maximize whatever panel you’re hovering the mouse over. OR go to the Keyboard Shortcut editor Cmd + Opt + K // Ctrl + Alt + K and search for “Toggle Full Screen” and set the hotkey to Ctrl + ~ and now you can preview video clips full screen with ease. Simply hit Esc to exit full screen and you’re good to go.
  6. Make super fast cuts to clips on selected tracks by creating a custom shortcut for the “Add Edit” command in the Keyboard Shortcut panel. I like to use the shortcut “Z” for my cuts. Now look at how fast we can make cuts by moving the playhead and hitting “Z”.
  7. Select multiple cuts by holding Cmd/Ctrl and drag a selection over the cuts. You can then hit Delete to delete the cuts and rejoin the clips or you could even apply multiple transitions to these cuts (default transition using Cmd/Ctrl + D.)
  8. Speaking of adding multiple transitions, this can be helpful for narration or interview videos where you have multiple cuts and there is some element of ambient noise. This will sometimes add little pops of sound at the beginning of these audio clips. Right-click on the crossfade audio transition Constant Power and make sure it’s the default transition. Go Preferences>Timeline and change the default audio transition length to 2 frames and Cmd/Ctrl and select all the audio cuts and hit Shift + D to add the default audio transition to each cut point.
  9. Drag new clip in and replace existing clip by holding Alt and drop new clip
  10. Trim Forward/Backward Alt/Opt + arrow keys and Trim Forward/Backward Many by adding Shift to that and trim 5 frames at a time.
  11. Trim Multiple cuts forward/backward to slide a clip(s) within the context of multiple other clips
  12. Target a track and you can trim edit to the playhead. Trim the head of the clip back to the playhead by hitting Alt/Opt + Q and the tail of the clip back to the playhead by hitting Alt/Opt + W. That will make an edit without disturbing the overall timing of your video edit. If you would like to do this, but ripple delete it simply use Q to trim the head of the clip off and ripple or hit W to trim the tail of the clip off and ripple back to it as well.
  13. Remove or Paste Attributes to multiple clips (copy the black and white effect added.)
  14. Get a Motion Blur by animating with the Transform Effect (animate a Scale In/Out)
  15. Better, Crisper Animations with Custom Easing
  16. Use Adjustment Layers to apply quick corrections or effects to multiple clips
  17. Export using Adobe Media Encoder and you can keep editing in Premiere (as long as your computer is fast enough and doesn’t melt down when you try.)

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