Watercolor Painted Text Effect | Photoshop Tutorial


In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial, we’ll start by choosing a free brush pack from Brusheezy and working with a custom color palette from coolors.co to paint with a masked layer to create a perfect watercolor text effect. Check out the tutorial and leave a little like on the video if you enjoy it!

Download Font, Brush Pack, Color Scheme, and Place Text


Before we get started, you’ll want to download the font we’re using here (or find a similar font that you already have.) Also, download the exact Watercolor Brush Pack that I use in this Photoshop tutorial right here. I also used the cool service called coolors.co to create a custom color scheme and exported the PNG and dragged that into Photoshop so I could easily sample from it as I use my watercolor brushes. I typed out the word “Watercolor” sized at 400pt. Reduce the Fill Opacity of the Type layer to 0%.

Clip Layer & Paint the Watercolor Effect


Create a new layer above the text we just created and use the hotkey Cmd/Ctrl + Alt/Opt + G to clip this new blank layer to the Text layer and grab the Brush tool and right-click and use the fly-out menu and choose to Load Brushes and find the watercolor brush pack and use these watercolor brushes and start painting to build up an effect. Hold down Alt/Opt and you will get a temporary eyedropper which you can use to sample from the color palette PNG we copied into Photoshop and paint a good mixture of color to get a great watercolor effect. TIP: Check out the video above to see exactly how I work this process.

Add Some Layer Styles and Adjustments to Finish the Effect


I want to add some Layer Styles to the Type layer (NOTE: We reduced Fill Opacity because that will allow us to see Layer Styles that we apply to this layer.) We’ll add a very subtle, yet sharp Drop Shadow with these settings: Blend Mode: Overlay, Color: Black, Opacity: 40%, Angle: 90°, Distance: 4px, Spread: 0, Size: 2px. I also added a subtle Bevel and Emboss with these settings: Chisel Hard, Depth: 500%, Size: 2px, Soften: 0, Angle: 90°, Altitude: 30°, Highlight: Screen blend mode, Color: White, Opacity: 25%, Shadow: Multiply blend mode, Color: Black, Opacity: 15%. As always, check out the full tutorial at the top of this post to see exactly how I created this effect.

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