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What is wrong with Select and Mask? Why doesn’t it seem to work like we all wish it would? Are you not using it right, or is it just a broken tool? The answer is that it’s probably a little of both. The tool is deeply flawed in a number of ways and can be incredibly frustrating to work with, but there are some tips and tricks to be able to work with Select and Mask a little more effectively. In this video I’ll compare four different photos head-to-head cutting out the subject with Select and Mask and then cutting out the subject with Refine Edge. I really want to love Select and Mask, but it breaks my heart over and over again. It’s just not quite where it needs to be for a professional application. It shows great promise, but I really wish Adobe had left the Refine Edge command in place. At least we could pick or choose what works best for us in that case. All things considered, my hope is that this tool will get better and better as new versions of Photoshop arrive.

People Have Trouble with Select and Mask

The Problem with Select and Mask


You may be noticing that Select and Mask just doesn’t work, or at least does not work as well as it should be based upon its lofty name and impressive workspace which Adobe has given us back in the Photoshop CC 2015.5 in the middle of summer 2016. You’re not alone. There are hundreds of Photoshop users (maybe thousands?) who have experienced the chopping, hacking, cutting techniques of the new Select and Mask toolset. In the video above, I cover four different images and show you head-to-head examples of Select and Mask vs. Refine Edge from an older version of Photoshop.

So, Is Refine Edge Just the Best?


Not really. Refine Edge was a good tool, but not a great tool. It definitely needed improvements. The problem with Select and Mask is that it doesn’t improve upon Refine Edge, in many cases it’s actually worse! What makes the retrograde of the Select and Mask tool particularly frustrating is that Adobe removed Refine Edge from CC 2015.5 and newer versions (as of the end of 2016) so those of us who create lots of precise selections are stuck working with a bad tool unless we revert to an older version of Photoshop. Not very convenient.

Some Tips to Help You Work with Select and Mask


It’s not all complaining in the video. We talk about how you can get decent results with Select and Mask. First and foremost is that you must create a rough selection first before you go into Select and Mask if you want consistently decent results. I also cover using the Refine Edge Brush a little more effectively to get pretty good results.

Watch the Video!


I would really urge you to check out the video to see some of the real differences between Select and Mask and the older Refine Edge. I will also cover how you can install a second version of Photoshop on your computer so you have access to Refine Edge if you just have to have it. Check out the video for all the details and comparisons! Thanks for stopping by my site!
Select and Mask is a tool made for non-professionals in Photoshop which is an application made for professionals.

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