Red & White (and Other Colors!) Polka Dot Lipstick Photoshop Tutorial


LEARN TO RETOUCH LIPS AND CREATE ANY COLOR POLKA DOT PATTERN YOU WANT! | Use Adjustment Layers and “Blend If” styles to create realistic and cool lip gloss effects.

Tutorial Overview

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will learn to mask out some lips and apply a few adjustment layers to first convert the color of lips to anything you could ever imagine, and secondly to add a cool polka dot pattern to the lips. QUICK TIP: To get a black lipstick with white/silver polka dots, simply duplicate both adjustment layers that we created when we made the red and white lipstick effect by selecting both layers and hitting Cmd/Ctrl + J 2x. You may also have to darken the Lightness slider in each Hue/Saturation layer as well as boost the Red/Yellow channels on the Black White adjustment layer.

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