Master the Pen Tool QUICKLY! Photoshop Tutorial

Learn to master the Pen tool in Photoshop. I’ll break down exactly what you need to know to get started creating paths and complex shapes with the Pen tool and then convert those into selections or vector masks. Learn how to use the Direct Selection tool to adjust the path and make perfect edges for your shapes, masks, and selections.

Orange Aventado:

The link for this stock photo from Pexels is available in the description of this video.
Basic Pen tool controls
Paths and Shapes
Draw paths, not shapes
Turn on Rubber Band and make the path line larger/more visible.
Use the spacebar when placing a point to move the point before you commit.
Start clicking and building the path and adjusting as you go.
Show pulling just one side of the tangent handle.
Show resetting a tangent handle by Alt/Opt + clicking it to reset it.
Show Alt/Opt + click and drag to drag a new tangent handle out of an anchor point.
Show how to close the path cleanly when you dragged a tangent handle from the first anchor point.
Show the path just around the entire car.
Save the path and then duplicate it.
Create another path on this path and then set it to Subtract Front Shape
Cut out the headlights, air scoops, windows, etc…
Select this new Path and create a Solid Color Fill layer and show how to change the color of the car with a Color blend mode.
Click and adjust the path with the Direct Selection tool now that the color is in place.

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