Powerful Photo Editing and Manipulation with AI – Luminar NEO

Learn to save time and add an entire suite of new tools to your retouching and editing arsenal with Luminar NEO and the fantastic and fun artificial intelligence-driven tools that it has to offer. I was pleasantly surprised with how well this tool worked on a bunch of different images. Hope you enjoy it!

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In this video, we talk about how Luminar NEO works. It’s not just a bunch of sliders that get pushed around. The way it works is by stacking non-destructive tools and building the editing on your image. Each of these tools can be selected and adjusted after the fact to dial in the color, sharpness, toning, and contrast to perfection.

We complete an entire photo transformation on a dirty and bland photo of some beautiful mountains and explore this method of “stacking” tools and effects in Luminar NEO.

Next, we explore the Mask AI feature and toolset in Luminar NEO. Each of the tools in this application carries a mask with it and affords you maximum flexibility with regard to controlling the spread and flow of each of the tools you use. Lock in the punchy contrast to just the sky, or change the color of the stream, but nothing else in the image. The masking makes this easy.

Mask AI analyzes the entire image and picks out each of the parts of the image as the artificial intelligence sees them. You can click to choose the sky, or water, or subject, or ground by simply clicking a single time on it. Mask AI is a game-changer.

After that, we talk about the new one-click background removal process. Like most AI features, when this tool nails the selection it’s amazing! When it misses, it misses pretty badly. There is a refinement brush that allows you to get in there and really fix problem areas.

We also cover the new Relight AI tool. This tool builds a 3D map of your image and fills in either foreground or background with light as if you had a flash to fill in areas of the image that need some additional light.

We take on a couple of different images in this video and do a full sky replacement with the AI engine of Luminar NEO. It’s pretty remarkable how quickly Luminar is able to mask out the sky automatically and give you the ability to adjust the edges and refine the sky to make it look right. You also have the ability to build the reflection of the sky in surfaces that would reflect the sky and Luminar uses AI to relight the entire photo based on the colors and brightness of the sky which you have placed in your image.

We cover the AI dust removal and AI powerline removal tools. Both tools work very, very well and you can use the smart eraser to clean up any little bits the AI missed.

Finally, we cover the Enhance AI feature. This tool is a slider that is meant to boost the entire image and make it look better–according to the brain of the artificial intelligence machine. It typically does a pretty good job and you have the ability to boost or drop the effect to tone it in perfectly, and like all the other tools in Luminar, you can use the AI Masking to limit the Enhance effects to only a specific part of the image.

Thanks for reading! Give Luminar NEO a try if you want to add a new and powerful set of tools to your normal image editing workflow.

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