Five Reasons YOU Should Be USING Adobe Color CC for BETTER COLOR!

Five Reasons YOU Should Be USING Adobe Color CC for BETTER COLOR!

GET BETTER COLOR AND COLOR SCHEMES WITH ADOBE COLOR CC! | Learn the ins and outs of Adobe Color CC to build and share your color themes across the Adobe ecosystem with ease!

In this Adobe Photoshop/Color CC tutorial, we will take a look at finding the most amazing color schemes and how to adjust and edit them and save your own themes. We’ll look at how you can work with a client’s color palette to quickly build out a coherent theme or color scheme and then save it out and share it with the world, or instantly transfer it into your Creative Cloud library for instant access across all of your CC apps. I’ll also cover a pro tip around the 08:00 minute mark which will transfer the entire Adobe Color website into Photoshop and ensure you always get accurate color (and correct a strange color profile/color space/inaccurate colors problem that Adobe Color CC seems to have.)

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Site Exclusive Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  1. Create a Color Theme
  2. Choose Color Rule & playing with color ideas
  3. Upload an image to use that as the base
  4. Adjust the RGB levels or the hex code
  5. If you’re beginning a project, you can just input your project’s color scheme if you have the hex codes and instantly create a color theme that you can download to your Creative Cloud folder to be used across the CC apps. (Sign in with your Adobe ID to save and download themes.)
  6. TIP: If you only have one color that you know you like, input that and use the Color Rules to see if Adobe Color can help you develop a great color scheme.
  7. Saving, Sharing, Downloading a Custom Scheme
  8. Once you’ve created the scheme saving and sharing the scheme is a breeze!
  9. Exploring Themes
  10. See what’s popular now
  11. Search for something specific
  12. Edit any existing color scheme (apply Color Rules to any existing theme as well)
  13. TIP: Hit arrow near bottom of color swatch to set as base color and swing the entire scheme
  14. Getting Color into Photoshop
  15. Download the .ASE file to your computer, or save directly to a CC library folder from the Explore page
  16. Go to Info/Color’s page and take a screenshot and paste that into Photoshop if the project requires it
  17. Open Libraries in Photoshop and Use the Colors
  18. Hover over a color to get the Hex Code
  19. Right-Click and choose to add a Color Overlay Layer Style
  20. With text or shape layers or solid color fill layers, simply click the color in the Libraries panel to apply that color
  21. BONUS: Pro tip: Go Window>Extensions>Adobe Color Themes and browser, edit, etc…
  22. Most importantly, either save your theme to your library, OR choose to save to your swatches if that’s easier
  23. NOTE: v. annoying that Adobe doesn’t just let you click and drag a color scheme from Libraries directly into the Swatches panel.

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