The FASTEST Way to Cut Out HAIR in Photoshop CC

The FASTEST Way to Cut Out HAIR in Photoshop CC

CUT OUT DIFFICULT HAIR FAST! | Using a combination of the Quick Selection, Select & Mask, and a special Brush trick, you’ll learn how to cut out even a difficult head of hair in minutes!

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll take a look at how to cut out a head of hair over a difficult and out of focus background just because we’re looking for a difficult to handle photo scenario. We’ll use the trusty Quick Selection tool, use Select & Mask to help us clean the edges up a bit, build back missing piece of the image, output a mask, drag this thing to a new image, and use a Brush tool with a Soft Light adjustment to help us manually defringe in, what I think, is currently the best way to do this in Photoshop. Hopefully you’ll be armed with the skills you need to cut out even the most complex heads of hair, furry animals, or really anything that is a challenge to make a selection of in Photoshop. Thanks for watching!

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