Create Advanced 3D Typography Effect in Photoshop (Part 2)


Learn to create your own simple letters from paths to build big pillow-like 3D text effects using paths and the Mixer Brush tool and SO MUCH more! CLICK TO WATCH PART 1 HERE.

In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial, we’ll tag team off part one of this tutorial and explore how to create new letters from paths, applying custom shapes using the Mixer Brush tool to add multiple dimensions to our incredible 3D typography effect that is virtually mind-blowing, we’ll create a swooping perfect circle that twists and melts our colors together perfectly, and we’ll explore brush pressures, scattering, and much more! You are going to learn some features, tools, and techniques that you’ll love to use in this tutorial.

Download the .PSD with sample points here!

TIP: Click here to check out part 1 of this tutorial to make more sense of this tutorial!

Create Sample Points Using Custom Shapes with Gradients


To really dive into some of the amazingness of this effect, grab the Custom Shape tool and drag out any custom shape you like and give it a nice linear or radial gradient fill (simple and bright colors tend to work best,) and hide your background layers so you can get a clean sampling with the Mixer Brush tool. The cool thing about these custom shapes is that you can create a larger brush to sample the entire shape or you can make the brush tip a little smaller and only sample a part of the shape and really get some cool effects by painting with the Mixer Brush on a new layer with only a part of your custom shape loaded into the Mixer Brush.

Applying the Mixer Brush to Freeform Paths


To create your own custom typeface, grab the Freeform Pen tool and hit the little gear icon in the top control bar and set the Curve Fit to 10px. Use your tablet and write out a letter or word and open the Paths Panel (Window>Paths) and right-click on that path and choose Stroke Path and choose to stroke the path with the Mixer Brush to take the custom shape you’ve loaded into the Mixer Brush and paint an elaborate and almost-always-awesome effect onto your custom path.

Pressure and Scatterings for Thousands of Different Effects


You can open the Brush Panel by going Window>Brushes and you can turn on the Shape Dynamics for the Mixer Brush and adjust the size or roundness jitter to really mix things up. Also turn on scattering and watch how this brush transforms into an amazing texture painting tool. Use the Mixer Brush tool with scattering and shape dynamics and stroke a path to see how different and crazy these effects can get. Thanks for checking out this tutorial!

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