BEAUTY RETOUCHING: Super Smooth Skin & Color Grading in Photoshop!

BEAUTY RETOUCHING: Super Smooth Skin & Color Grading in Photoshop!

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Learn about frequency separation, dodge and burn, as well as sharpening in this Photoshop tutorial!

We’ll learn about a bunch of quick techniques and tricks you can use to get better at beauty photography retouching and we’ll also dive into the Infinite Color Panel Photoshop extension (our sponsor for this video!) and explore just how much power and color guidance this tool will give you.

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Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  1. Make sure the layer is rasterized
  2. Clean up stray hairs
  3. Set up Frequency Separation:
  4. Lo: 15px G-blur
  5. …then…
  6. Hi: Apply Image – Merged, RGB, inverted, Add, Scale:2, Offset:0 (16-bit images)
  7. NOT inverted, Subtract, Scale:2, Offset:128
  8. Set the Hi layer to Linear Light
  9. Create layer between Hi and Lo layers and paint the colors to flatten skin tones
  10. Healing Brush to sample from current layer and reduce the diffusion
  11. Create a Noise layer and Emboss it to match the light direction of the photo
  12. Create a D&B layer and fill with 50% gray and use Dodge/Burn tools
  13. Set to Overlay
  14. Duplicate that layer and blur 45px and keep at 100% opacity
  15. Merge all to new layer and convert to smart object and add Camera RAW filter
  16. Sharpen using the tools I like
  17. Now add an effect from the Infinite color pack (LUT 8 looks good for this photo)
  18. Set the LUT to 60% opacity
  19. Add a Curves layer and drag it beneath the LUT and make some changes to flatten and boost mid-contrast
  20. Add Selective Color layer: Blacks: +3 +2 -2 -2 Whites: -10 0 +10 0 and reduce layer to 60%
  21. Add a Channel Mixer layer set to Monochrome and Multiply
  22. Reduce opacity to 75% and use Blend If sliders to lift the effect off the shadowy bits of the image to help blend more for this uber fashion look

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