Advanced: Create a Colored Background and Change the Color of ANYTHING in Photoshop


USE LAB AND RGB COLOR AT THE SAME TIME! | Learn the quick and dirty way to change color and look at the more flexible and advanced way to change and create color in Photoshop as well! | We will cover adjustment layers, reading data, Curves, how LAB works, and so much more!

Tutorial Overview

In this Photoshop CC tutorial, we’ll use the LAB readouts in the Info panel to sample a color swatch and use those numbers to guide our RGB Curves Adjustment Layer to get a perfect background color. We’ll have some fun with a simple colorization technique and then take a deeper dive into the advanced stuff and how to make the background any color you would ever want. This technique works with ANY object you would ever want to colorize in Photoshop. Download and use the stock photo I used here (purchased image.)

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