5 Techniques to Blend Text Into Photos with Photoshop


5 WAYS TO BLEND TEXT & IMAGES IN PHOTOSHOP! | We will use Photoshop to mask, blend mode, color change, adjustment layer, and blend text into photos in all sorts of different ways.

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will cover five different ways to blend type into images. Here is that we’ll cover

00:43 : Weave text effect
07:25 : Blended text effect
12:55 : Inverted color type effect
18:03 : Textured text effect
28:44 : In front/behind text effect

We will use masks, gradients, adjustment layers, custom shadows, work with multiple typefaces, color range, texture masks, blend if sliders, and about a thousand other features, tips, and tricks in Photoshop. I hope you love it!

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Site Exclusive Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.


  • Blend Modes and Masking and Shadows (size image to 3500px wide)


      1. Quick select foreground trees and save the selection
      2. Type out Forestry w/ font AXIS at 500pt color: #332c2c
      3. Convert to Smart Object and add a little noise for texture
      4. Load the trees selection and add a mask to drop away bits of letters. Set layer to Multiply
      5. Create new layer and Cmd + Click text layer and Cmd+Opt+Shift click layer mask to cut away the masked tree areas
      6. Name this layer “shadow” and grab a big, soft edged brush and paint with black to get a shadow fade above the text and beside the trees.


  • Gradient Taking Colors from Elements in Image


      1. Type out “Shasta” using League Spartan, @ 800pt, Set Tracking to 100, color can be anything
      2. Convert to smart object and add a gradient overlay that is white at top and runs to a color sampled from sky just below text.
      3. Add 2.0px gaussian blur and add a mask to overall layer
      4. Paint away bits that should be behind the mountain and fade away the bottoms of the text.
      5. Add text “Welcome To” as Novecento at Book weight, 200pt & tracking to 200 (all caps.) Color: White LAYER TO SOFT LIGHT
      6. Add Gradient Map blue-beach-green gradient and set to MULTIPLY.


  • Overlay Inverted Colors Text


      1. Create circle w/ ellipse tool 3500x3500px and fill with white. Position so only semi-circle comes up from the bottom
      2. Load circle as selection and Cmd + J to pop to new layer. Add Black/White Grad Map layer and clip to this circle cut
      3. Make sure white circle is above circle cut and set white circle to Soft Light
      4. Type word “Vanity” in Vanity typeface BOLD at 250pt and no tracking.
      5. Shut type layer off and merge all visible to new layer and Invert colors of that layer.
      6. Load type layer as a selection and use selection as a clipping mask.


  • Blending into a texture w/ a texture (like the road)


      1. Download the Highway Gothic font
      2. Type out “(yellow)” at 145pt w/ Highway Gothic Condensed at #f4e600
      3. Convert text to a Smart Object and transform to tilt this into place
      4. Add medium ripple @ 50% – Add 0.5px of blur – add 8% noise
      5. Color range and sample directly on a light spot of the asphalt and set fuzziness to 85% and make the selection
      6. Create a mask on the text smart object to hide the selection and use Levels on the mask to adjust mask and make it perfect
      7. Blur the mask by 0.5px
      8. Blend if top white slider split and set to 200 / 255 and set bottom black slider split to 0 / 35
      9. Set overlay smart object layer to Vivid Light and 75% opacity
      10. Right-click layer and choose New Smart Object Via Copy
      11. Double-click into smart object and change text to “The Cab” and change color to White
      12. Move up and away from colored text
      13. Change blend mode to Normal and Clear the layer styles and adjust the layer mask with Levels, too.


  • In front and behind with masks and blend modes


      1. Load image of dude. Load image of girl. Align/transform her at 50% opacity and create splitting mask to hide the left side of her face.
      2. Merge to new layer and apply a 10px High Pass effect at 60% opacity, Soft Light
      3. Add gradient map #150d1b —> #ffbc07
      4. Type “Synergy” w/ Norwester font @ 240pt set to Screen blend mode @ 50% opacity
      5. Use Quick Selection to create selection around model and refine edge to add small radius
      6. Mask away text that falls in front of face.
      7. Duplicate text layer and invert the mask and change color to #150d1b and set to 50% opacity and Normal blend mode
      8. Optional: Figure out a way to paint a shadow using the darker blue color in the gradient map on a layer set to Soft Light and duplicate up the mask that hides anything that falls on the subject(s)
      9. Create new 50% gray layer and use Camera RAW to add some grain.



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