30 Techniques Every Photographer/Retoucher Needs to Know! (Pt. 3 of 4)


4-PART FREE MINI-COURSE ABOUT RETOUCHING AND LEARNING THE BASICS OF PHOTOSHOP! | We will cover techniques 19-27 in this video that you just have got to know as a retoucher in Photoshop.

Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4

Tutorial Overview

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01:00 19.) Reduce and remove wrinkles

02:41 Getting started with the healing brush

06:32 20.) Dodging and Burning

07:58 How to do the burning

13:00 How to do the dodging

14:22 Double dodge and burn trick

15:48 Quick dodge/burn effect

18:47 21.) How to Add a Tattoo Realistically

23:33 Masking the tattoo in place

27:06 Using adjustments to blend the tattoo

30:04 Blurring the tattoo to match

35:43 22.) Select and Replace a Sky with Luminosity/Channel Masks

38:38 Using levels to get the perfect selection

42:44 Replacing the sky and watching the magic happen

45:02 23.) Color Correction Techniques

45:28 Curves for quick corrections

49:58 24.) Targeting and Changing Individual Colors

52:56 Correcting sunburn by targeting the reds

54:32 25.) Four Ways to Create a Black and White Photo

01:00:03 26.) Creating a Basic Composite Image and Blending Colors

01:14:26 27.) Puppet Warp to Change a Person’s Figure

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll talk about a bunch more things you really should know if you’re a photographer or retoucher using Photoshop today! We’ll cover how to lessen and hide wrinkles in portrait photo, some of my best tips and tricks to getting better at dodging and burning photos, how to apply a realistic tattoo to somebody, making a complex selection of a nature photo and replacing the sky, fast and powerful Photoshop color correction techniques, targeting and changing individual colors, healing sunburns, creating amazing black and white photos, matching color and building tone in a simple composite image, and the bizarre and wonderful world of Puppet Warp. This is a VERY long tutorial, but it’s almost like a mash up for 9 much larger tutorials that have all been packed into one. I hope you love it and enjoy it a bunch! Thanks for watching!

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