15 Photoshop Hotkeys Everyone Should Know


Number 12 is my favorite of these hotkeys! This is a quick rundown Photoshop tutorial covering ten of the most important and essential hotkeys in Photoshop CC. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced “power user”, these hotkeys are time-saving tricks that will get used on a daily basis to help you speed through your Photoshop work even faster! Let me know in the comments below which hotkeys you knew and a hotkey that you learned!


15 Photoshop CC Hotkeys Everyone Should Know

  1. Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N (New Layer w/ no dialog box)
  2. Ctrl + J (Duplicate layer)
  3. Ctrl + G // Ctrl + Shift + G (Group/Ungroup Layers)
  4. Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E (Merge all visible layers to a new layer)
  5. Ctrl + M (Open Curves Adjustment–use the Keyboard Shortcut Manager to assign these Adjustments hotkeys to apply Adjustment Layers instead of the destructive Adjustments.)
  6. Ctrl + U // Ctrl + Alt + U (Hue and Saturation // Callback to last used settings for that Adjustment.) TIP: Add Alt/Opt to any hotkey and it will work with that Adjustment too.
  7. Alt/Opt + Click a Layer Mask to see the Alpha Channel. Shift + Click a Layer Mask to temporarily disable it or enable it. Cmd/Ctrl Alt + Click a Layer Mask to load it as a selection.
  8. X or D (Set foreground/background colors to default and flip those colors.)
  9. Alt + Backspace/Ctrl + Backspace (Fill with foreground color/Fill with background color.)
  10. [ or ] (Make brush larger or smaller–hold the Shift key while hitting either hotkey to adjust brush softness as well.)
  11. Hit the Tab key to change your workspace and hide your panels. Hit Shift + Tab to hide only the Layers Panel.
  12. Ctrl + Tab/Ctrl +Shift + Tab (Jump to next or previous document.)
  13. Ctrl + T (Free Transform.)
  14. Ctrl + 0 (Zoom to fit.)
  15. Hold down the Spacebar key while zoomed in to drag around the image in the fastest, easiest way.
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