10 Steps to Getting Started With 3D | Photoshop Tutorial


LEARN TO WORK WITH 3D IN PHOTOSHOP FAST! | Learn to create 3D objects from scratch or convert graphics to 3D objects, too.

Tutorial Overview

System Requirements for 3D per Adobe.

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll start from scratch and cover ten different techniques and steps to getting started with 3D in Photoshop. We will create fresh 3D objects, talk about the difference between moving the camera view and actually moving the 3D object, we’ll talk about applying textures to the different sides of a 3D object, converting a 2D plane (or image) to a 3D postcard and even combine that into an actual 3D object and make them interact and reflect off of each other like they would in real life, we’ll cover how to render out and export your 3D objects, and SO much more! If you haven’t jumped into 3D in Photoshop, you’ll absolutely love this video and (hopefully!) learn a ton!

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