Have You Seen The OPACITY Slider for LIGHTROOM Classic CC!

CHECK OUT THE POWER OF THIS OPACITY SLIDER FOR LIGHTROOM CLASSIC CC! | In this tutorial, I’ll break down how to use this really cool plugin that a buddy of mine created for Lightroom that allows you to reduce the opacity of settings applied to your image. It’s crazy awesome and a bunch of fun!

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In this Adobe Lightroom tutorial, we’ll look at exactly how to use the OPAL opacity slider plugin for Lightroom and just how easy and effective it is. I’ll show you the basics of getting started with OPAL and some of the hidden advanced features within the plugin as well. This is a must-have plugin and it’s only $15 (!)

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Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  1. OPAL: Developed by my buddy, Nathan Johnson
  2. It’s an opacity slider for Lightroom. You can reduce the intensity of a preset or increase the intensity of it.
  3. It works on presets AND on just your general Lightroom adjustments for those of us that don’t like to use Presets.
  4. It’s really quite phenomenal.
  5. It took me two minutes to install. Download the file, unzip it, run the installer, choose the hotkey to launch OPAL, open Lightroom, activate OPAL, start using it. It was easier than easy.
  6. It works only with Lightroom 6 and Lightroom Classic CC, it doesn’t run on Lightroom 5 or Lightroom CC which is the lighter, Cloud-only version of Lightroom.
  7. Hopefully you have Lightroom 6 or the more robust, latest and greatest Lightroom Classic CC. If so, you’re in the clear!
  8. Bring up and use OPAL on 3x photos
  9. Show first a simple reduce opacity/pump up opacity function
  10. Show secondly the mouse-less workflow using only hotkeys
  11. Show the advanced version of OPAL and how you can target only specific areas of your preset or Lightroom processing workflow
  12. It’s possible to use Opal without ever using your mouse, which can dramatically speed up editing time. Here are other shortcut keys you can use:
  13. Escape – Exits out of Opal without making changes
  14. Enter – Applies changes and exits Opal
  15. 1..15 – Type in the number you want
  16. Up Arrow – Increments by 0.1
  17. Shift + Up Arrow – Increments by 1.0
  18. Down Arrow – Decrements by 0.1
  19. Shift + Down Arrow – Decrements by 1.0

Buy the plugin here!

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