Bat Logo Design with Circular Grid & Golden Ratio in Adobe Illustrator

Bat Logo Design with Circular Grid & Golden Ratio in Adobe Illustrator

CREATE THIS COOL LOGO ICON DESIGN IN ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR! | Learn to create a series of golden ratio circles and use them to build shapes and graphics!

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In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, we will create a batman style logo icon using circles that descend in size in accordance with the golden ratio. We will build out our shape and take a quick look at the Shaper Tool and Pathfinder to convert a series of circles into a full-fledged icon shape complete with small sections that we can slightly change the color of to create highlights and shadows. If you’re into logo or icon design, you’re going to love this tutorial!

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Site Exclusive Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  1. Create 2560×1440 document
  2. Create rectangle that size and fill it with #031521 or a dark gray
  3. Lock that layer and create new layer
  4. Create 500x500px ellipse and add a yellow stroke, 1pt
  5. Duplicate this ellipse 2x and divide each by 1.618 in the W/H inputs in the Properties panel to create 3 ellipses all resized in the golden ratio
  6. Turn on Smart guides
  7. Duplicate the large ellipse and drag to center of the document
  8. Duplicate the medium ellipse and drag over and snap to the top center of the large ellipse in the center above the large ellipse and nudge downward 100px
  9. Duplicate that medium-sized ellipse and move to the bottom center of the large ellipse, but on the inside of the ellipse.
  10. Nudge it upward 40px and to the right 140px
  11. Repeat that step, but shift the ellipse to the left instead
  12. Duplicate all the paths so far and use the shaper to chop away all the extra stuff and then ungroup and join all the paths and flip the stroke to the fill to show how we now have the bat symbol
  13. Get back to the original series of ellipses and select the base, large ellipse.
  14. Duplicate that ellipse and shift that ellipse 84px to the right and 80px upward
  15. Duplicate the original ellipse and shift that ellipse 84px to the left and 80px upward
  16. Duplicate the top-center medium ellipse and nudge down 110px and to the right 27px
  17. Duplicate top-center ellipse again and nudge down 110px and to the left 27px
  18. Select all the shapes and fill strokes to fill
  19. Duplicate this series of shapes and set aside
  20. Select the original bunch of shapes and use the Pathfinder panel to Divide the shape up and ungroup all these shapes and delete the bits you don’t want and merge the bits you want to be together
  21. NOTE: Zoom WAY in near sharp corners where multiple lines come together like the top/middle of the wings and make sure there isn’t any “junk” left behind
  22. Select the pieces for shadowing on the edges of the wings, duplicate and nudge them upward 150px or so
  23. Select the original shape with the shadows and merge all these shapes together and set a fill color for the bat
  24. Select those shadow pieces that we nudged upward and fill them all with black and set the inner pieces to 5% opacity and the outer pieces to 10% opacity
  25. Group all these shapes together and be finished! We can change the fill color of the bat and the shadows will always shade with the proper color because it’s just a little black making the underlying fill darker.


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