Create a Video Camera Icon in Adobe Illustrator CC

Create a Video Camera Icon in Adobe Illustrator CC

ILLUSTRATOR TUTORIAL: CREATE iOS ICON OF VIDEO CAMERA! | Learn to use shape and pathfinder tools to create complex shapes that looks awesome in Adobe Illustrator.

In this Illustrator tutorial, we’ll cover using various shape tools to build out a simple base shape and then we’ll use the gradient tool to build out a first level of depth for our video camera shape and then we’ll use the pathfinder and blend tool to punch a hole in the center of the video camera icon as well as create a perfectly smooth rounded illusion of depth on this icon. Lastly, we’ll build out shadows to complete the look. If you like illustration and building icons or graphics for the web, you’re going to love this tutorial! Thanks for watching and make sure to share it with your friends!

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Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  1. New document 1080×1080 in CMYK
  2. Rounded rectangle 1040×1040 w/ 200px corners and fill it with a gradient CMYK M=94 at bottom 25% position going to CMYK M=80 Y=70 at 75% position
  3. Align to middle of artboard
  4. CREATE A NEW LAYER (& lock the rounded rectangle layer)
  5. Rounded Rectangle 630×500 w/ 100px corners and align centered, but shift 120px to the left FILL WITH WHITE
  6. Create a triangle with 3-sided start shape and rotate to make camera lens and set sizing in Transform panel to W:400 x H:460
  7. Align the left point of the shape to the right-most side of the rounded rectangle and shift 195px to the left and then align to the vertical center of the rounded rectangle in the center
  8. Round the corners to about 15px or so and FILL WITH WHITE
  9. Duplicate this shape and fill top shape with a black to transparent gradient and set the right gradient stop to 75% position and 0% opacity
  10. Group these three shapes together and select both this and the base rounded rectangle and set that as the key object and align horizontally to that rounded rectangle key object
  11. Ungroup this newly-aligned group
  12. 150×150 ellipse in bottom left corner && 200×200 in the top right corner
  13. Align to outermost edges of the rounded rectangle using Smart Guides and then nudge top right to the left 10px and 20px upward and the bottom left upward 30px and 10px to the left
  14. Make a blend between the ellipses
  15. Expand the blend and merge the shapes together
  16. Go Object>Path>Simplify and shed some of those anchor points
  17. Select the camera rounded rectangle and duplicate it
  18. Select the blended shape and the duplicated rounded rectangle and Divide the shapes and ungroup the artwork
  19. Delete all shapes except the one left in the bottom left
  20. Set the fill of this shape to black and reduce the K value to 10% or so
  21. Duplicate the shape, reflect it along the horizontal axis, align to the top of the rounded rectangles, and then move this layer downward one spot in the layer stack
  22. Create a gradient that runs from CMYK: white to M=20% and save as a swatch
  23. Add this gradient to the front lens and use grad tool to place white in the top right and pink in bottom left
  24. Add gradient to bottom rounded rectangle camera body with white at top and pink at bottom
  25. Add gradient to the top circle cut piece white on the left and angle grad to pink on the bottom right
  26. Add gradient to the bottom circle cut piece with white on the right and angle to pink on the bottom left
  27. Add Drop Shadow to upper circle cut shape
  28. Add Drop shadow to bottom circle cut shape
  29. Create a triangle and rotate it so point is to right size it 230px x 290px aligned to the vertical center and create 10px rounded corners
  30. Tweak and move the triangle right into place where desired
  31. Fill with a solid color and duplicate the triangle and shut the copy off
  32. Select the triangle and the rounded rectangle camera base and punch a hole in the middle of it
  33. Select the top circle cut piece and use the Direct Selection Tool to move one of the anchor points down and over to cover the hard/sharp triangle corner.
  34. Don’t worry that it looks weird, we’ll fix that in a moment
  35. Select the rounded rectangle camera base shape and the base shape for the lens and add a Drop Shadow to both shapes
  36. Turn on the solid filled triangle that we shut off and cut it off the artboard and select the overall layer and apply a mask using this triangle shape and fill with CMYK Black

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