Create a Simple Hipster Logo Design in Illustrator


In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, we’ll use the text and spacing tools in Illustrator to create a VERY basic hipster/retro style logo. Check out all the resources I have listed here in the description and download lots of free graphics and typefaces that will help you create simple hipster style logos. We’ll use the Pen tool to create simple graphics and layout a beautiful distressed retro logo in no time!

Finding the Right Typeface

For a logo like a hipster style logo we want to it’s incredibly helpful to have a good selection of fonts from which you can choose. The great news is that there are loads of free and low-cost fonts to choose from. Check out this list and grab a few, or grab them all and let’s get started!

Forest Camp Font ($12)

Strangerland Font ($10)

American Forkball Font ($12)

Equable FREE Vintage Font

Caleb FREE Font

Phalanx FREE Font

Bonfire FREE Font


Bohem (Free + Paid Versions)

Wayward (FREE)

Monthoers (Free-ish) Font

Laying Out the Type


I chose the font Forest Camp Stamp which is a pay-for font, but it is pretty inexpensive as well. Click here to go buy and download it you want to follow along exactly. I typed out the word “the” in all lowercase and set the size to 160pt (the size of the document is 2560×1440,) I also typed out the word “Filtered” and set the size to 195pt, and I typed out the word “Life” as a separate word and set that size to 195pt. Because each word is in a different text field I can drag them around and create a cool mashed up position for each word. Check out my screenshot to see how I laid out my text.

Create Type on a Path


To create the piece of text that will be rounded above the main text, grab the Ellipse tool and click once on the document and choose to create a 1000px by 1000px ellipse. Get rid of the fill and stroke on the shape. Grab the Type on a Path Tool and hover the mouse near the ellipse path and type out the words you want to ring above your main lettering. TIP: Check out how to slide the text along the path for the best positioning in the video at the top of this post so you can see exactly how I create the text on a path and also how I do all the design and layout of this simple hipster logo design! Hope you enjoy it!

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