Animal Silhouette Moonlight Vector Illustration – Illustrator Tutorial


SHAPE TOOLS AND PATHFINDER TRICKS TO GET THIS EFFECT! | Learn tricks of the scatter brush, layer styles, masking and more!

Check out the artist who’s work inspired this tutorial here!

Tutorial Overview

In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, we’ll cover all the steps required to create this silhouette moonlight illustration with sparkling stars. We’ll use a custom scatter brush to create several layers of clouds, blend them with some shadows and opacity adjustments, we’ll use offset path to create a moon graphic with glowing vector rings, we’ll create a starry sky with randomized dots by scattering dots with the brush tool, we’ll mask everything as needed to blend the illustration into our background, and then we’ll drag a photo in a go over how to trace it with multiple shape tools and the Pen tool to create our silhouette. Check it out and I hope you love it!

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