Create Great Backgrounds For Your Website – Dreamweaver Tutorial

Create Great Backgrounds For Your Website – Dreamweaver Tutorial

So many Web 2.0 style sites, matter of fact many sites in general have these backgrounds that seems to go on forever but have one unique end and seem to fade off to an image or color that appears to go on forever. This is simply an illusion and really can be done very easily with CSS and a 1px wide image! We will start with a blank Photoshop doc and first create our background then bring it into Dreamweaver and make our background using CSS.

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  1. says: Jim Swinson

    Your video’s are a huge help, thanks for posting.  Do you know of a way to have this effect for ONLY one half of the screen?  I’ve got an image that should repeat to the left if the browser is made larger, but the right is just my background color.  I can’t seem to get this one to work.

  2. says: Julio Hash

    Whats up Mr. Dodson, first off you’re very talented and you’ve have made my life a hec of alot easier. I created a dimple background following your Dimple background photoshop tutorial which was a success, thanks to you. My question is, How can i apply that background image and make it expand automatically when i add more content ?

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