Web Font Pairings – 20 Great Web Font Duos from Google


Choose Web Font Pairings Wisely

As a designer, you typically will choose fonts that pair very well based on the overall look when two fonts are next to each other. I find that pairing a Serif and Sans-serif is a very effective place to start when trying to pair your own fonts. I hope you find this list of web font pairings very useful for your next project!

Google Fonts HERE!

Click here to go download any of these Google Fonts!


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1. Quicksand & Antic Slab

Quicksand & Antic Slab

2. Playfair Display & Pontano Sans

Playfair Display & Pontano Sans

3. Cinzel (All Caps) & Cardo

Cinzel (All Caps) & Cardo

4. Crete Round & Gudea

Crete Round & Gudea

5. Arvo & Average Sans

Arvo & Average Sans

6. Rhodium Libre & Baskerville Libre

Rhodium Libre & Baskerville Libre

7. Oranienbaum & Petrona

Oranienbaum & Petrona

8. Antic Didone & Droid Sans

Antic Didone & Droid Sans

9. Roboto Slab & Roboto

Roboto Slab & Roboto

10. Oswald & Enriqueta

Oswald & Enriqueta

11. Nunito & Oldenburg

Nunito & Oldenburg

12. Cabin & Crimson Text

Cabin & Crimson Text

13. Mr Dafoe & Buenard

Mr Dafoe & Buenard

14. Damion & Lato

Damion & Lato

15. Mrs Sheppards & Poly

Mrs Sheppards & Poly

16. Luckiest Guy & Old Standard TT

Luckiest Guy & Old Standard TT

17. Montserrat & Quattrocento

Montserrat & Quattrocento

18. Nunito & Istok Web

Nunito & Istok Web

19. Lato & Hind

Lato & Hind

20. Cantata One & Crimson Text

Cantata One & Crimson Text


Google Fonts HERE!

Click here to go download any of these Google Fonts!

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