Tutvid.com Has Been Redesigned and Relaunched!

Tutvid.com Has Been Redesigned and Relaunched!

Tutvid.com Has Been Redesigned and Relaunched!

We’re Back!

After nearly a year and a half without any new tutorial material I am happy to announce that I have completely redesigned and relaunched Tutvid.com and very soon we will have a steady stream of great new tutorials for your learning enjoyment! Personally, I am super fired up and excited about getting this show on the road again and having an absolute blast creating great content and sharing it with you all!

Where Have I Been?

My 11 month old nephew died on August 1st, 2010. Beginning nearly exactly at that time a series of different things began happening in my life which have changed me an incredible amount. I’ve never felt more complete, never been doing as much to sharpen my intellect, and never have matured as many years over the course of one year as I did from the end of 2010 until the beginning of 2012. I’m still a wild-man about creativity though!

About 4 months prior to my nephew’s death I started under-going a medical work-up in an attempt to donate my liver to my nephew. Sadly, he passed away before any scheduled surgery date(s). I never was operated on and was not able to give him my liver.

Essentially it was a whole lot medical distraction and some heart-break in several formats that put Tutvid on hold for a little while as I was distracted with other pressing issues. All of that is behind me now and I’m back! Things are all looking up!

What’s New

Over the past year I spent an extended amount of time in prison as well… nope, just kidding! I’ve actually been doing whole bunch of exciting design and photography work with some amazing people. I’ve had the time to work and hone some skill sets and learn new things.

Tutvid.com is going to offer more complete courses, beginner to advanced, as well as more specifically web design tutorials (XHTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery, WordPress). I am also going to be doing Photography tutorials ranging from working with a range of subjects -everyday people, models, musicians, etc… as well as workflow, lighting, and post-production tutorials.

The plan is to provide the best video tutorials with written counter-parts as well as interesting, informative, and inspiring articles from around the web and about the web’s most influential creative minds.

We’re planning on creating and maintaining the best tutorial resource website on the web today and tomorrow! We hope you’ll just the rest of us and hang on for the ride!

Feel free to send any buggy issues or problems you run into as you browse the site. It went through very minor testing, I just want to get it out there NOW!

Thanks for hanging in there, gang! Here’s to hoping it was worth the wait ;D

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