How can you get more followers on Snapchat?

How can you get more followers on Snapchat?

I think we can pretty safely say that SnapChat is THE new social media platform that has taken off over the 2015 year and is poised for even more explosive growth all throughout 2016. SnapChat is insanely popular among Millennials (18-34 year olds in the year 2016) and those in Generation Z (2-18 year olds in the year 2016).

There are 100+ million daily users, and billions of snaps sent and received each day. The question is, how can you jump in and create a following or grow your existing following? I’ve brought in two SnapChat buddies of mine to talk about how they grew their followings and how you can too!

I’ve brought in two of my buddies, Shaun Ayala and Brad Ouldhouse of the Snapchatters Podcast to talk about how they built their followings on Snapchat and how you can build your own following on Snapchat today as well. You can read through my summary below, or you can watch the real-deal video above!

An Interview with Shaun Ayala and Brad Ouldhouse


Use your Snapcode & Snapchat URL!

One of the fastest and easiest ways to pick up additional followers is to use the Snapcode and the Snapchat vanity URL that Snapchat provides you with. Your Snapcode is that yellow box with the black dots all over it and you can find your Snapchat vanity URL by adding your username to the URL

Collaborations with other Snapchatters

Find other Snapchatters and reach out to them on the platform or via Twitter, Facebook, or anyway you can and ask about collaborating with them! Don’t worry if they say no, keep trying and you’ll find people who are willing to work with you and spread your name around and trade followers! This is a great way to build your base of followers.

Look at what the influencers are doing

Check out and follow influencers and people who have large Snapchat followings and look at how they interact, how they create stories, and how they share information with Snapchat. Copy their mode of operating, not their content!


Download your story and share it!

Snapchat allows you to download your entire story as one big video clip. You should do this and post clips to your other social media platforms, maybe even include it in your email newsletters, and use those other platforms where you may have a few people following you currently to point them to your Snapchat.

Which is better: Snapcode or Snapchat URL?

Both of these tools allow people to quickly follow you on Snapchat. The Snapcode is something that you need to scan or add using the Snapchat app on your smartphone, whereas the Snapchat URL can be posted as a straight text link to anywhere on the web which will automatically open the Snapchat app and add you as someone who they follow. If they don’t have the Snapchat app, they will be prompted to download the app. Note: The link only works on a mobile device. It sends you to the Snapchat website if you click the link while on a desktop computer.

What kind of content should a coder or designer post on Snapchat?

Start by creating short 10-15 second behind the scenes stories about what you do. What is that application you’re coding? What’s the story about the company who you’re doing those brochures for? Or how do you go about getting inspired for a project? All of this is not only fun to look at for your family and friends who already follow you on Snapchat, but can be great material to download and share on your blog, your newsletter, or other social media platforms where clients can see it. Share what you do, it might be boring to you, but it’s new to everyone else!

How do I set up a Snapchat collaboration?

You can start considering collaborations as soon as you have as few as 15-20 people watching your snap stories. Ask your audience to participate and share your Snapchat profile and ask other Snapchat users to link up with you for a few hours or a day and create stories for each other’s Snapchat profiles.

When you share little bits and pieces of a story from your followers, they’re encouraged to share that with their friends, who in turn have the opportunity to follow you.

Reaching out to other Snapchatters, it’s usually a good idea to first look at your community (maybe you’re a photographer, look for other photographers using Snapchat!) and start reaching out and give them an idea or two about how you would like to try collaborating with them. It could be something as simple as a well placed shoutout on your Snap story, or as complicated as a full Snapchat profile takeover with overlapping stories throughout the day.


Brad’s best tip

Always be you! Don’t be so intimidated by what others are doing that you never start sharing your own story! Have fun with the platform and share what you do and what you love.


Shaun’s best tip

Create content that encourages your followers to engage with your story. Don’t be afraid to ask them to do things and interact with your story. Ask for screenshots, as people to snap you directly, ask people to do things for you in the app!

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