EPIC Movie Trailer Voice Effect with Audition CC!

EPIC Movie Trailer Voice Effect with Audition CC!

CREATE THIS EFFECT FOR YOUR OWN VOICE! | Learn some tips and tricks for deepening your voice and layering effects to make your voice BOOM!

In this Adobe Audition CC tutorial, we’ll first cover some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned for messing with your own voice to get a deeper voice, but also how to take a decent recording of yourself and make it sound like an epic movie trailer voice-over. This is a cool effect that you can use for your own video and film projects or something to go and impress your friends as well. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy the video!

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Tutorial Recording Notes:

Disclaimer: these are the actual notes I used to record this video and are written in a language you may or may not understand. Hopefully, you find them useful or cool.

  1. Ever wanted to take a crack at the classic Don LaFontaine style ultra dramatic movie trailer voice-over effect? With a little tweaking of your own voice, a decent microphone, and some post-processing in Audition, you can cheat your own voice and have some fun by making your own dramatic voice-overs.
  2. It begins with trying to hack your own voice. Some of the voice exercises that I like to do generally center around building the nnnnggggg sound deep in my throat to try to achieve that deep/dry sound in your voice. That gravelly sound can really make your voice sound deeper than it is.
  3. The exercise I’ve done for years to “dry out” my voice is say “Ding Dong, Bing Bong, King Kong” and really accentuate the NG sound on each word and every other time you say the series of words, drop to your deepest voice no matter how terrible it sounds. I’ll do this exercise alone in the car, or pretty much anywhere that it won’t bug people around me. Give it a try, it won’t give you a million dollar voice, but it can be a bit of fun.
  4. I have a quick script I half wrote and half took from a subreddit about writing an “In a world” style script.
  5. I’ll record this into Audition and the exact thing I try to do with my voice is literally push the sound out of the front side of my throat-right through my neck and into the microphone. A sort of reaching deep into my neck and dragging out the deepest bits I can muster for this type of recording.
  6. Create a new audio recording in Audition and record through a rough take. No need to worry about this being perfect. I already have a take that I like.
  7. Once you have your recording, it’s time to begin the processing.
  8. Let’s normalize our recording to -3dB
  9. Next, we’ll use a single band compressor targeting the -18dB range and set the ratio to 3×1
  10. After that, we’ll re-normalize to -3dB
  11. Next comes the step that adds the salt and pepper to the movie voice. Add a Pitch Shifter and go -2/-50 high Quality and check on the appropriate default settings option.
  12. Apply a multiband compressor and tweak the lows, mids, and highs to pump or dump what needs adjusting.
  13. After this step is complete, we’ll want to add a hard limiter to cool off any sharp spiking sound waves. (probably a -6dB limiter)

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