Selecting Hair & Difficult Selections – Photoshop Tutorial


Selecting Hair & Difficult Selections – Photoshop Tutorial

In this video we will cover using channels to cleanly cut out complex hair selections of both brunette and blonde hair on a studio style background and an outdoor scene. You will learn a lot about how to select things in Photoshop using the techniques displayed in this video which will aid you in selecting many different things, not just hair.

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  • Marty Piepenbrok

    Thank you for this and all your other videos. I am a training junkie and I find all of them useful. This video is particularly helpful for me right now. I anticipate viewing each of them over and over and practicing until I can do these same techniques more efficiently. Keep them coming. Marty Piepenbrok;

  • Mahmuda Hamid

    This is very difficult to mask out hair from the consistent background. Really great tutorial you have done. Thanks